Hotel Bookings

PFB the bookings schedule for NC. If any error, mail us at info “at”
Hostel Accomodation: Abhishek, Mohit, Pramendra, Rakesh.
Hotel Accomodation:
Check in Date/Time Check out Date/Time No of rooms Booked in the name Other People in the room(s)
27th Dec 2011, 12 noon 2nd Jan 2012, 8 AM 2 Jai Prakash Sachin, Dhruv, Sumit
27th Dec 2011, 2nd Jan 2012 1 Mitesh Harish
27th Dec 2011, 12 noon 30th Dec 2012, 8 AM 1 Sumit Booked for Sumit’s parents
29th Dec 2011, 5 AM 1st Jan 1 Vivek Romi
29th Dec 2011, 6 pm 1st Jan 1 Lalit Ashish

29th Dec 2011 2nd Jan 1 Elaine Saitta
29th Dec 2011, 8 PM 1st Jan 2012, 8 PM 4 Manimaran Chennai Group
30th Dec 2011 1st Jan 2012 1 Jai Prakash For TISA guest
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  1. Sachin 8 years ago

    2008 me ye sab sapna lagta tha! Tamam dosto ki wajah se ye sab such hota dikh raha hai! kaise tumhara shukriya ada karu, dosto?


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