Ashtavakra- the sage, bent in 8 places..

It is meditation and Samadhi which bind you. (1-15; Ashtavakra Gita)

Wow! What a bold statement! Makes no sense at first sight. But it comes from a man who transformed King Janak into “Videha”- man without body consciousness, a Jivanmukta- Free while living. When I was a child, I often looked for a god or goddess with disability- and found none- and felt sad about it. Then, many years later, I found Sage Ashtavakra- literally, bent in eight places (result of childhood Rickets? Polio?).

I further read on the commentary on Ashtavakra Gita for insights:
“Many seekers give up all desire and seek salvation sincerely. As they continue, they fall in a trap: They replace all worldly desires with a huge desire for “salvation”- which again is a bondage but of subtle kind. Because it is subtle, they cant see it for what it is. They meditate and expect something to happen- some mystic sound, some other worldly light, some miracle, indicating their salvation or liberation. For them, this expectation itself has become the big bondage. You are spirit absolute! What else is there other than you- to be achieved? Nothing. Realize this and be at peace with yourself! That is the sublime message from Ashtavakra. Obviously, this is for those seekers who have given up all other worldly desires- it is not for the beginner…”

I was wondering about the meaning and its relevance to us, pws, when I got this email:

Dear Sir,
            I am 36 years old man working in Public Sector, situated at ABC almost 140 km far from XYZ. I have been suffering from stammering for almost last 20 years. I have gone through several treatments in the form of speech therapy/counseling/psycho-therapy, some improvement took place at every stage but 100% improvement not achieved, still stammering problem exist. I want to take speech therapy which may consist of group discussion, public speaking psychotherapy & follow up after completing therapy program, I can spend 15 continuous days, Please suggest me some speech therapists in surrounding … region. I got information about you from TISA, Can I contact you?
Thanking you.

I read it twice. He has stammered for 20 years and has tried all therapies. He is in a good job. But he is still in the search for “something”. I imagine, if I could contact his colleagues at work and asked them for their opinion of MK, they might say: MK is a regular guy- fine fellow; we have no issues with him! But the fact remains- He is not at peace with himself yet. What is to be done? Some people will say: Give him hope, give him some technique to be followed for 45 days, do this, do that..

In stead I think, I would like to send him to Sage Ashtavakra!  I think MK is a “advanced seeker”, fit enough to approach Ashtavakra. And if he did, I am sure he will get this sutra from the great sage:
“Search for fluency and dream of Cure IS your stammering. Nothing else. Give it up. Remain at ‘HOME’. Be at peace! ”
Who knows, he too may turn into a “Videha” like King Janak.

But the big question is, will MK approach Ashtavakra and his philosophy? Will SYSTEM (society) allow him to do so? Do leave your comments and tell me what shall I suggest to MK.. He will appreciate, I am sure. Let me conclude on a musical note (like Vinod Dua):


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  1. admin 7 years ago

    Yep! Complete surrender is place of great empowerment and it is something which only be felt and not understood. I would suggest you send him the link of this post. If he is ready, he will be able to SEE the truth in it.

  2. admin 7 years ago

    Very nice informative article. I also read in one of OSHO magazine that You can't get the "Sambodhi" until you left out any desire of it, No matter how much tapsaya and effort you make! your desire becomes biggest obstacle in both of you.

  3. Sachin 7 years ago

    Thanks JP and Umesh! Yes that is the point. A certain amount of desire for self improvement is needed to live in the world. But how much is ok and how much is "too much" – this wisdom we must develop.. I have met many pws who have spent best years (and energies) of their lives seeking cure, fluency..

  4. admin 7 years ago

    wonder full..after reading this post i would like to read more about ashtavakra…
    Search for fluency and dream of Cure is in blood of most of pws, and leaving this search is cure but this is nearly impossible to leav this in one go,or in one month… it requires years(depend upon attachment with fluency)..acceptance and meditation are best ways by which one can take out dream of cure from this blood……..


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