When it came to speaking on stage, I was horrible! Just could not say a word!  TM helped me greatly. I am fine now..

 Is this a much cherished case of a stammer cure through public speaking? Sounds like that but not necessary..  There are two different disorders which look and behave alike: Stammering and Glossophobia (a social anxiety disorder). Latter is also known as “Stage fright” and it can be as disabling as Stammering. But it responds to social approaches used by TM and other public speaking platforms or institutions.. Of course, public speaking will desensitize a pws, build up his confidence but it is not a CURE; it is not a holistic therapy for stammering. A pws will need more than that- like block correction techniques, motor and cognitive skills to deal with his special issues and above all that inner emotional healing (of the “ice-berg”), which comes from being a part of an accepting community. Read more to understand about Glossophobia here..

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  1. admin 8 years ago

    right sir… facing bigger fear can mitigate small fear… if a pws manage to face public speaking then he can face other situation comfortably with some exceptions


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