What are you good at?

“I decided to leave my comfort zone and give my first TV interview.”
Gustafson decided to speak to the Golf Channel. The editing team
worked for two hours on the 70 minutes it took her to answer nine
questions. The result? A three-and-a-half-minute interview.

  These lines caught my eyes. Yes, it is the story of a female golf player, who made it good in spite of severe stammering, she faced. As I went through the whole story, an idea struck me. It appears that children who excel at something- sports, studies, drama, singing, drawing, any extra curricular activity or talent- are finally able to pull themselves out of the mess, in which stammering pushes their early life, inner as well as external. In case of Sophie, the positive role sports played is quite evident.

May be we need to ask ourselves- what am I good at? What can I excel at? And if we find nothing- then, may be- am I good at stammering at least? I remember the case of the American pws, who became the highest paid entertainer, when he realized that making people laugh was not difficult for him as a pws… Read more.

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  1. admin 8 years ago

    really informative and helpful….daily i got some good article to read..i had increased my knowledge since joining tisa..thanks to my stammering…


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