fed up

stammering and fear of stammering affecting my life very badlly these days ..i m fed up of these fear ,shame ,guilt , inferiority complex ..lack of confidance , ..i am very depressed ..i cant mix up with people .. I am in business ..so i have to communicate well .. I want to do many things in life but stammering holding me back ..i have to overcome this fear and inferiority complex at any cost ..othervise my life will be ruined ..what shall i do to boost my confidance an improve my self image ?? … Kabhi kabhi aisa lagta hai ki mai aisi life jee kyu raha hu ;(……please suggest me …..i need help


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  1. admin 8 years ago

    hi ,I have felt the same thing that you are feeling.
    I will suggest you pranayayam ,you can download it from youtube as baba ramdev paranayayam ,it cures tammering by giving you peace of mind and relaxed state when you speak.

  2. Sachin 8 years ago

    Mitesh- this is a phase- It will pass. But yes, you must do whatever you can to help yourself..and do it regularly..

  3. admin 8 years ago

    mitesh ur at right spot ie tisa …
    one year back i also fed up with these type of felling and after attending after workshops and practicing meditation a got control(partial) over these felling.. i suggest u to attend any one workshop and start meditation(vipasan mediatation worked for me)

  4. Kamal 8 years ago

    yes, aisi jindagi kyu jee rahe ho aap? Kyu nahi badal dalte ye sab?


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