True stories..(from IPWS)

Hello Friends,

I am back after 2 months. work pressure and exams kept me at bay. However there
were 2 things that I did very different which I would want to share in these 2

A] Accept oneself as a Stammerer

This was one core concept I came to know just 2 months back through the TISA
blog. And I haven’t felt happier than ever before in my life once I applied
this in my life.

Since I am a mild stutterer, I always made a conscious attempt to come across
other people as a fluent speaker. In the process to impress people I used to end
up stammering.

By accepting myself as a stammerer I have become more free in my conversations.
I no longer feel frustrated when I get stuck on something . It’s been a pleasant
journey since then. I also discovered that world is definitely a nice and
harmonious place to live in. After I applied this concept at my workplace, I
have found that whether I stammer or not; people still treat you in a fair way
and if not all, a majority of them are more than willing to listen to you no
matter if your speech appears cluttered, broken or stuck.

B] Brahmavidya course

I was recommended this course by my fellow friend Vaibhav Talegaonkar who in
turn was recommended by Mr.Peerbhai in this forum.

I have covered 7 sessions of the basic course and feel very glad that I joined
it. At least, now I know how to correctly breath and avoid shallow breaths
(which I feel is the core of my problem). Apart from correct breathing
techniques, the course also enlightens you on different methods of Positive
thinking and meditation.

The best part is that the teachers / Brahmavidya trust are very dedicated and
sincere towards their cause of spiritual teaching.

At about Rs.750 for a 22 week basic course, its definitely more than value for
money. I highly recommend this.


Post Author: Sachin