Well begun…

Almost everyone has arrived safely- Some new faces; some parents (wow!). Mohit from Patna; Rakesh from Faizabad; Dhruva from Chandigarh..
Dr Satya gave  quick round of the IHS campus to sachin; It is a beautifully laid out collection of functional buildings which merge seamlessly with local architectural traditions..lot of red stone, greenery and a scrub forest all around..
We get ready for day one of the communication workshop tomorrow. Weather is cold- bad weather is expected. But after the cold in north India, I dont think we can be surprised by anything.. (or put off)..

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Post Author: Sachin

1 thought on “Well begun…


    (December 27, 2011 - 5:15 pm)

    nice pic …good to see all old friend … weather information is informative because internet showing avg 30 degree at day..need to pack some more winter cloth

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