NC Day 1

Day 1 went very well; Dr Satya agreed to give us time and participated whole heartedly- even in the little energizers like the “Bomb Game”.  Harish arrived at lunch time. Mohit came from Kharagpur. We had silence, group song, intro, sharing of experiences etc. After lunch, we screened documentary made at Chennai (by Raja Bhattacharya). Followed by Q & A sessions. Some important quotes of the day were:

Every science in essence is- organized common sense…same could be said of even Speech Therapy for stammering.. (Dr Satya)
We can either celebrate our stammering or be unhappy about it.. we have choices ( Mohit)

We left the beautiful IHS campus in the evening around 5.30 pm. Dr Elaine arrived in the afternoon. We are going to have an evening party at 6.30 pm..

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