Sunday With Santosh

Today I spent my Sunday at Santosh’s house with his family. It
was a memorable experience for me. With the warm welcome and loving hospitality
I was beginning to feel comfortable and at home right from the time I stepped
into the house. In no time, Santosh’s kids, (4 year old daughter Swara and 1
year old son Swarit) mingled with me and pulled me to play with them.
Santosh and I played Snakes and Ladders with Swara. As we
played with Swara I began to think how analogous our life is like this game…
for a moment we race up the ladder but on another we fall down gulped by the
snakes. Swara was excited with every ladder she climbed and was overjoyed and
elated when she managed to defeat us and win the game. Then she led us to
another game of riding the train. Swara played the engine and Santosh and I
were the bogies. Santosh’s one year old kid Swarit was clinging on to his dad’s
leg sending a message that he is also in the game!
The lunch was sumptuous and simply delicious. On the
occasion of Sankranti there were Puran Poli for lunch. Santosh, his wife and I exchanged
a lot of stories and memories of SHG meetings and workshops over lunch. I also
shared a few stories of the Bhubaneshwar conference. Santosh’s wife was very
supportive of the idea of Self-help group and she opined that such a group is
very much necessary for PWS to come out and speak.

Swara then showed her skills with dance, as she performed
on “Kolaveri Di” and “Chikni Chameli”.
By spending a day at Santosh’s house, talking to him and his
wife and playing with his kids, I have had one of the best Sunday’s I had for a
long time. Santosh is parting away. He is leaving Goa and is going back to his
home town Mumbai soon. SHG’s create a bonding that is certainly beyond
self-help and stammering.
Santosh has plans to revive Mumbai Group. Watchout Romi and
Sanket! The star from Goa is coming to rock Mumbai…
We all from Goa wish Santosh all the best for his future endeavours. 
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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

3 thoughts on “Sunday With Santosh


    (January 16, 2012 - 12:35 am)

    Harish it is my pleasure to be with you always.
    For the 3 and a half year i ve apend in goa during my stay, you are the one who keeps on telling me to keep walking. Stammering is just a hurdel between we and rest of the thing we wanted in our daily life.
    You are the one who initially encourage me to speak with my family and to accept. And result you saw in my home.
    Family became more supportive and encouraging as never before!
    For you we always have special feeling.
    As a person you are very down to earth and your simplicity can win every heart such a pure soul.and its a rare now days!
    Swara keeps on asking me when her Kaka (uncle) coming to play snake and ladder so that i'll win again!
    Some times loosing against dear ones feels you like winning!
    Thanks a lot for giving us enourmous joy by coming to our littile home.
    May you win hearts of a millions with your charm and simplicity!


    (January 16, 2012 - 2:50 am)

    Yesss- SHG goes beyond self-help and stammering! Harish, keep on spreading the MAGIC touch you have.. Many Thanks for the beautiful post and Many thanks to Santosh's family too for their empathy..


    (January 16, 2012 - 4:58 am)

    Well done harish…you are doing your job very well
    Keep it up !!!

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