Delhi SHG welcomes Anshul, Jitendra and Mukesh (15 Jan)

Delhi SHG met on 15Jan (Sunday) after a long time. It was the first meeting after the National Conference. There were three new members this time Mukesh, Jitendra and Anshul and the surprise of this meet is the new co-ordinator of TISA, Mr. Jai Prakash Sunda (JP Sir). Except them our old SHG members Dr. Kshitiz, Anup, Harshvir, Sikander, Arun, Abhishek, Saurabh and Pramendra were also present. The activities we did are as follows…

Psychological Test: After a brief introduction of one another we shared our experiences from National Conference to the members who weren’t able to attend it. After that Sikander sir conducted a test about the psychological effects of stammering on us. There were 15 wonderful questions to be answered in Yes/No only. All of us have filled them honestly and then we assessed discussed and our psychological problems attached with stammering and how to get over with them. JP sir and Pramendra also discussed their practical aspects in our daily life and talked about the importance of observing your problems objectively.

Stammer Effortlessly: After that we divided us in two groups. One group was of all the new members and JP Sir and the other was of rest of the members. JP Sir described some techniques to our new members which will help them to stammer effortlessly.

Group Discussion: The other group of our old SHG members did a Group Discussion on the topic ‘Should India improve our relationships with Pakistan’ using ‘PAUSING’ technique. It was a very healthy discussion. All the members shared their point of views while talking with pauses and most of them were very valid and genuine.
Relaxing in Interview: After that we also did a mock panel interview of one of our members with ‘Eating while talking Activity’ for being relax while Q & A in an interview.

With this last activity we conclude our meeting. We missed our regular members Umesh and Pinakin. Overall, it was a wonderful experience for all of us and we enjoyed it a lot. Thanks to all the members who were or weren’t present. Hope we will meet soon.


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  1. vivek 7 years ago

    Very nicely summarized paremendra. I can include couple of those activities in my company's SHG as well 🙂

  2. admin 7 years ago

    weldone pramendra….thanks.for the post. and thanks to all members who join this meeting.and specially thanks to mr. anoop nagrath for the party.

  3. admin 7 years ago

    Very good attendance.keep it up Delhi SHG.

  4. admin 7 years ago

    Very good attendance.keep it up Delhi SHG.

  5. Sachin 7 years ago

    Wow- almost like another NC in North India! Congrats!

  6. sikander 7 years ago

    Thanks Pramend for the posting of the analysis of the meeting. It was wonderful to meet new members Anshul, Jitendra and Mukesh. I am sure, they must have enjoyed attending their first meeting. The Delhi SHG meeting was held after a gap of almost one month. We were very excited. We missed Nitin ji a lot.

  7. admin 7 years ago

    Well done guys!! Delhi shg is going high and higher.I missed you guys because of my exams.

  8. Vinay 7 years ago

    Well Done Guys !!!!!!

  9. admin 7 years ago

    first meeting after national conference..g8t…..lage rahe delhi..

  10. romi 7 years ago

    There is no such SHG in Mumbai.Missing you people enjoy guys.

  11. Harshvir 7 years ago

    Pramender has written the content in a very simple manner which can be understood very easily. Good work done.


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