Giving-up is an easy option

As a stammer and also from my experiences of stammering till now, I must say this line “Giving up is an very easy option”. This begins when I was pursuing my graduation, everyday I woke up in the morning; I always used to think that my stammering must cured someday. Let don’t waste my time on my stammering and then I moved up in my regular routine work. Meanwhile I faced lots of problem, but really I  don’t much care about it. When I was on my 3rd year, Campuses are going on my college, then I realized that day “ohh shit what I’ll done with my stammering”, I am not able to talk in front of any person even in my own comfort zone. How could I face the world with my stammering. That day I realized the real meaning of  Giving-up is an very easy option.
Those person who had given up his life is worthless, has no self-respect of his own and he is always pretending to be as good in front of everyone, but he’s not that. The people became real and successful when he overcomes all the obstacles they faced and never let their disabilities come in their path of glory. Such people are numerous who are a motivation for others, by proving that nothing is impossible when you have the will and determination to do it. You have to committed to your work, you must love your work from heart, be passionate of what you are doing. Accepting your defeat means you are quit to your work
I am recently searching on net about how to build your positive self image, the best answer I got is “Looking at a Mirror”, By looking at a mirror tell yourself some positive words. For example, ‘I am a successful person’, ‘I love you’, ‘I believe in you’,’ All the time you are making a right decision’,’ you are a winner’. Notice your own positive traits of character. Fall in love with yourself regardless of who you are right now. Little by little you will see yourself quite different.
Given up is doesn’t mean that you accepted your defeat, it also mean that you had now “no aim” left in your life. Life without aim is life without the meaning, and there will be no challenges in life. It’ll just like a running car without a driver.So never give up to your life and just believe of what you are doing.

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  1. Sachin 8 years ago

    Great write up. Wonderful thoughts. Yes, we dont have to wait for a CURE, in order to live and excel in life.. This is being proved by so many people with "special abilities" every day all around us..
    Keep sharing your thoughts..

  2. Elaine 8 years ago

    Mohit. Thank you for sharing. I know that you have both the will and determination to do what you want to do. And you are right it is about accepting who we are right now. With time and determination we can overcome obstacles. Keep sharing.

  3. admin 7 years ago

    nice post Mohit!! keep sharing dude!!


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