I am Gorav..

My name is Gorav Datta . My age is 24 .
I live in yamuna nagar , haryana . I am a stammerer since my childhood and i find difficulty in speaking almost every word .I am trying to speak atleast few words fluently from last many years but couldnt ,those words are ” Mummy , Papa and My name too.
i went too bhubneshwar,orrisa to attend the first national conference of TISA .After attending the conference i was upset because i was not a stammerer but a stammerer among the stammerers (My stammering was too bad respect of the other stammerer).

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  1. admin 8 years ago

    Hey Gaurav , Don't be upset about that,there is nothing called more or less stammering. At some point of time we all get stuck. These are just variations of stammering. U can manage it,don't lose hope as you are itself a source of inspiration for others. In the end i would like to say that "NO IS BORN PERFECT IN THIS WORLD". U r not alone , we all are stammerers and we all are SPECIAL.
    P.S. You got a too supporting dad too bro,comm'on cheer up.

  2. Sachin 8 years ago

    Change begins by 1. Acknowledging that there is an issue and 2. by accepting that YOU can do something/ anything about it..
    You have done the both by writing this post.
    You are an inspiration to many others, you may never know personally..
    Keep sharing regularly..

  3. admin 8 years ago

    Gaurav don't see yourself inferior than others. We all are stammers no matter less or more.As Sumeet said you got a supporting dad too.Keep sharing, very soon you will find path of success.

  4. admin 8 years ago

    Gorav i can understand your feeling dude, Stammers have much difficult life than a normal.But we have to live with it, God gave us a unique feature that others don't have. i also rate my stammering a "severe", but keep practicing and follow the rule "ACCEPT YOUR STAMMERING".
    Its very nice that you now sharing your thoughts.
    Keep sharing

  5. admin 8 years ago

    hey gaurav congrats for ur first post…yarr i will tell u one most common charterstic of stammerer that they always compare their stammering with others and by doing so we unconsciously increases our stammer.
    believe me ur in right path .just give some time to u,learn some technique ,attend some workshop,understand acceptance and practice it…keep writting and keep sharing

  6. romi 8 years ago

    Hey Gorav your very good looking infact and it doesn't make a big difference whether you stammer on every word.What matters is your initiative to complete a sentence with proper stammering and trust me its not easy so b confident.

  7. admin 8 years ago

    thanks to all my dearest friends for giving your motivational suggestions…..


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