Wake Up Call..

Dear unmarried pws,

This mail may be like a bombshell to many unmarried pws. I thought so many times before writing this one and I asked my conscious whether to write this  or not. My conscious   agreed to write this. I want to tell a bitter truth only to young pws and not creating any panic but to be proactive and lead a happy life.

The reason to write this mail is about 2 incidents told by  pws. One pws got  married 10 years back, has a child and lead a very happy life as long as he was earning well. Now he lost his job and trying to get another job. His wife started  torchering him with teasing words like “you are useless” “you are fit for nothing” etc…

Another pws got married and has one 8 year old son and his income is meager only. One day the pws informed to me with weep  that his wife is not allowing him  to speak to their son for the reason that the son may get stammering from his father… really very sad and horrible also.

These 2 incidents are a tip of iceberg only. There are more untold incidents.

My brother is a lawyer and he informed to me that now a days more than 10% young married couple are applying for divorce for flimsy reasons. The percentage is more than 20% for I.T couples, he told.

What are the reasons?…

Now a days women are earning well on par with men and standing on their own legs. Most of the them are not listening to the advises of the elders. They are taking their own decisions irrespective of future consequences.

The condition of normal speaking couple is like this. we can very well imagine the plight of a pws husband.

In my younger days, conditions are entirely different. Everybody followed traditions. Everyone obeyed to the elders advises. Everybody followed their culture without asking any question.

Here I narrate an incident happened in NC at Bhubaneshwar. Dr.Sachin asked my wife : “Can you tell your reaction after marriage when you came to know your husband is a stammerer?”.

 ( I got married 28 years back and myself & my parents hided about my stammering at the time of marriage).

My wife replied:” I was really shocked after marriage. But as per Hindu traditions, I have to “accept” my husband irrespective of his handicap and I accepted his stammering. But after sometime, I started liking him for his various other good qualities”.

But the days are changing now. women’s priorities are also changing now. They are taking their own decisions.

Here I wish to inform that marriages are made in heaven and it is the wishes of God for getting our life partner. In this connection I also want to tell that God will show us the way and it is for us to make use of it or not. Mind you that God will show you the path only and we have to make use of it. 

I feel that God has shown TISA as a way to the Indian pws. it is upto use to use of it.

As a Chennai chapter coordinator for more than 3 years, I know more than 100 PWS. Except about 20 pws, other pws are always telling lame excuses for not attending SHG meetings. One pws is telling for the past one year that his office is working on Sundays. I wonder whether he never applied leave for the whole year. The most common excuse is no time to attend SHG meetings.

Dear young pws, do not get afraid after reading this mail. We, pws has to do something to overcome / control our stammering. For this we have to do something. I feel that God has shown TISA a way to all of us. 

So, the ball is in your court and the decision living happy life of miserable life has to be taken by you only. Absolutely no compulsions.

Again I wish to inform that I have written this mail in the good intention of helping young pws so that they won’t suffer like me (I suffered about 50 years).

Choice is yours….. Act fast… time is running out…

My best wishes to all the pws.



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Post Author: Sachin

5 thoughts on “Wake Up Call..


    (February 3, 2012 - 11:22 am)

    I would rather stay single then coupling up with such cheap people .


    (February 3, 2012 - 1:11 pm)

    Thanks a lot Mani sir for sharing these incidents. You have rightly pointed out that we are not living in an ideal world and we have to do our best with what life throws at us


    (February 3, 2012 - 2:25 pm)

    sir thanks for sharing such messages ,surely its a wake up call for many pws


    (February 4, 2012 - 9:11 am)

    Respected Manimaran sir,
    Your this post was wonderful and you really explain the things like crystal clear..I read only TISA blog most of the time. But by reading your this post, I became fan of you!! South Indian pws are so lucky that they got a coordinator like you. Hats off you sir!!


    (February 4, 2012 - 6:20 pm)

    thanks mani sir for this post,really it is very help full .

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