I had never met a stutterer who had said that he had enjoyed a lot in his life being a stutterer . we often find people saying that stammering has destroyed their life . A stammerer has to go through the continuous feelings of guilt ,hesitation, fear ,anger on daily basis ,the degree may vary from day to day. This constant torture starting from the childhood till present day one often find himself saying that ‘ he is an unworthy person , he cannot do simple things in life (e.g. saying your own name ) so what to say about other things in life . He starts shrinking from inside . His soul starts decaying . One can see only unhappiness in his life . In this over populated world he finds himself totally alone . One often feels like committing suicide .
One often starts searching for the enjoyment in life . Sooner or later he find himself enjoying the various drugs (legal or illegal ) available in the market and different kinds of other activities .These drugs starts healing him and brings back the fun and enjoyment in life , may be for a short period of time but atleast the is some kind of pleasure in life. Stammering creates so much pressure that he finds that drugs is helping him out in order to get rid of that pressure . And slowly & slowly these drugs become a necessity in life . Person who takes drugs knows very well that where I am heading but he finds himself choiceless and helpless . He cannot even share his addiction to other because of the fear that the other may blackmail him . Nor he can tell to his father/mother I am addicted to cigarettes , alcohol ,cocaine ( fearing that they may not kick him off their home ). First stammering was his only problem now slowly slowly drugs are becoming a new problem for him . Soon he finds himself not able to concentrate on anything . First he was upset that he cannot do certain activity in which speaking or speech is involved , now he finds himself feeling bored , uneasiness in every activity of life . Slowly ‘ DRUGS‘ a source of short pleasure ,happiness, relaxation was transforming into a new bigger problem in his life . Now he starts taking steps to remove his addiction and soon finds that he cannot remove . He cannot do meditation , pranayama or reduce his dose of drugs ((difficults to concentrate , feels uneasiness ,anger ).

Your friend
Gorav datta (stutterer)


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  1. Sachin 8 years ago

    Great analysis!
    But there is one legal drug easily available and it works- Company of other stutterers! Yes, it is a great healer from within. Check this vid:

  2. admin 8 years ago

    surely this happen stammerer get addicted to smoking and alcohol,some friends give advice to take alcohol or smoke to reduce pressure while speaking from our mind and we get addicted to it and it become bigger problem than stammering

  3. admin 8 years ago

    good gorav …u defined addition in very well manner,keep on researching ,keep sharing…waiting for ur next post


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