Controling the mind

HEY FRiends my name is ritesh . i want to share my experience of stammering.
when i was in diploma in pharmacy . on the first day of my college .
there were 4 lectures daily in our college.4 lectures means to me 4 presentes in a day.
on first day when my roll no was announced , i got severe block and it took 2 minutes to give my presente.
my sir asked to me do you have stammering problem i told him no sir only some time i get block, that day i did not accepted that i stammer. every day i use to get stuck on the word present , every student in the class use to laugh at me . they use to tease me for this.I was in severe depression i use to cry a lot , i use to ask to me can i never say the word present in fluent way like others say. Time passed like this only i use to get severly blocked while saying present. But one day all changed ,it was monday that day i was travelling in the train to reach college and suddenly one taught came to me that while giving presente my breathings are not normal, i get very tensed and my jaw get tighten, and i taught if i do opposite of that , if i take deeper breathe while giving present ,and i should get completely relaxed that time.I reached college that day , the first lecture started and sir opened the register for presente . I started following the technique i become completely relaxed, i started taking deeper breathes and finally magic happened i said the word clearly present.and the battle was won, from that day i started following this technique which helped me to give my present daily. so my friends never get defeated by stammering.

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  1. admin 8 years ago

    thanx a lot for sharing this technique .I'll also follow it .

  2. admin 8 years ago

    Well done Ritesh!

  3. admin 8 years ago

    i also used to do the same , when the teacher used to start calling the roll call … i used to get tensed to decrease my tension i also used to do deep breathing until it was my turn


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