Me and my stammering i dont know from which age did this stammering got associated to me.I cannot remember that is it from the birth or when i tried to say my first word in this world on that word also did i stammer.stammering is a ghost which is silent habituat in my mind. whatever i do stammering silently come infront of me and its tease me by saying.” hello ritesh you cannot do anything in your life , if you will try i am there to pull your leg everywere in every situation, on every occassion..when some body ask my name for my introduction, at that time also i can’t say my name. I realy get discouraged by seeing that small childrens of age 7 or 8 can talk fluently , they can say everything they want to say and i can’t say the words which i want , i can’t explain my feelings to my friends it is realy frustating .and the indian society are not awaken about the stammering they sometime say ” yeh toh darpook hai, dar dar ke bata karat hai , yeh toh hakkla hai , ekdum fatoo, phone pe hello bol ne ke liye 10 minute lagaye ga”.
they are realy careless about the feeling of stammerers who can explain  them that our breath get stuck in our throat, tounge get tight, how we can be fluent ,it is like we are saying  a one leg handicaped person to run in marathon and win it.


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  1. Govind 8 years ago

    hello bhai.. same 2 same problem meri h. i cnt explain anythng 2 anyone. i like talkative people coz i m not talkative. i founc my self vry boaring. main jast apne fnds ki baton par has sakta hun lekin unhe kisi bat par hasa nhi sakta. mere pas bahot se incident hote h frnds ns family me share karne k liye but kar he nhi pata.
    khud he sochkar khush ho leta hun fir sad ho jata hun. life bahot bekar lagti h yr.. cn u b my frnd. m frm delhi. my nmbr is 09818536393

  2. admin 8 years ago

    Hi Ritesh, good to know your feelings through blog.Keep writing ,keep posting.It should come out .One day its all going to be fine. Trust me.

  3. Sachin 8 years ago

    Ritesh, 2 things- People are careless, because we have educated them or protested, when they make hurtful comments or joke..
    Second: you are looking COOL, man!

  4. admin 8 years ago

    At least we are better than people who make fun of stammerers ,I don't think anyone from us would like to change our life with those kind of people .
    Keep sharing.

  5. admin 8 years ago

    Hi Ritesh,
    Next time that ghost comes in front of you and say that, just say – "Hi! You have been my best friend. You have been with me since I don't know when! But you know what? I love you for you have made me stronger.. And I want to show to the world that you are the one who made me stronger…"

    Just see how this ghost called stammer then reacts… All the best!

  6. admin 8 years ago

    i also have the same problems bro , keep sharing like this on the blog this will make you feel lighter to some extent

  7. admin 8 years ago

    thank you for the comments and govind you can be my friend on facebook my email i d is nmbr is 9766367103


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