SHG at Herbutpur on Sunday Feb,12,2012

Yesterday i attended my second SHG at herbutpur . We were total 10 persons as follows — Dr Sachin ,Mahesh , Ashish singh rawat ,Gorav datta(me) ,Pavan Singh Rathore ,Vaibhav n his father , Vijay n his uncle and Mukkaram .
In my first SHG at herbutpur I was stammering a lot as usual but I told myself that next time I will come with more practice . Hence I did my practice by reading using bouncing techniques .

First of all we saw the movie “ FRONT OF THE CLASS “ and then shared our view about the movie.

Then there was Introduction round . I was getting scared as my turn was coming nearer . I don’t know why I was getting nervous because I am attending a Self help group in which everyone is a stammerer and it was not my first SHG . May be because some new stammerers had come to attend the SHG . May be I was expecting a fluent introduction because I had been practicing reading using bouncing technique at my home. Don’t know exactly what the reason was. When it was my turn to introduce myself using bouncing technique I had a severe block on the very first alphabet ‘ में’ of the sentence ‘मेरा नाम गौरव है |’ immediately I applied cancelling technique and stopped my speech ,took a deep breath and started again . But again my mouth was now opening on the very first alphabet ‘ में’ and then I left all my technique and started stammering as I used to and gave my introduction . While I was giving my introduction Dr. Sachin told me to use bouncing technique but I didn’t listen to him because I was not able to apply bouncing technique so I continued speaking as usual . I felt very bad that I was practicing bouncing technique at home but what happened here my mouth was not opening at all how can I use bouncing techniques . I was very upset at that moment .

Then members who were new to the SHG were asked to give more introduction about themselves and I was one of them . Now I decided to speak using bouncing technique and soon I found that bouncing is not working because the very first alphabet is getting stuck & I was not able to bounce on the very first alphabet of the word . Then I gave my introduction in the way I use to speak .

After that we had some general talks and then we played few games . After that we gave our Introduction using volunteering stuttering , this I did very well .
After that Dr Sachin told about some vocal exercises and we practiced that . It was a great meeting .

Your friend
Gorav datta ( stutterer )


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  1. admin 8 years ago

    Badiya Datta sahab,

    One more thing, start to read self manual also, given on website….

    Better to take hard copy of it…..

  2. admin 8 years ago

    Badiya Datta sahab,

    One more thing, start to read self manual also, given on website….

    Better to take hard copy of it…..

  3. Sachin 8 years ago

    Thanks Gorav! Being honest with ourselves is very good. Nothing wrong in trying something difficult and failing.. We learn much more from failures than from successes- provided we are open to learning..
    Thank you so much for putting up the post..

  4. admin 8 years ago

    nice gorav…we described event very well…:-)

  5. admin 8 years ago

    Gaurav, you have an amazing trait of being so honest and truthful about your experiences! Don't lose it! Its great that you are experimenting with your speech in SHG. Everything will be just "fine" if you lock yourself in a room; but its only when we DO SOMETHING that we fail and we succeed. Keep sharing your experiences! Writing is such a healing thing


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