Chennai SHG meets

Dear Friends,
The Chennai chapter meeting held on 12.02.2012 were attended by 7 pws. I stressed about the importance of speech therapy after accepting stammering.

I learned a speech therapy in the year 2000 but could not continue it. Now, I am doing speech therapy daily one hour for the past one month and I am really speaking well. This is the first time I am trying speech therapy after joining TISA and after accepting my stammering.

I suggest everyone to practice speech therapy especially those who are searching for jobs. I taught the speech therapy to others. There are 2 pws who are searching for job to whom I advised to jointly do speech therapy till get a job.

Then, I asked each pws to answer 3 questions ie what is your personal ambition?, What is your plan for your family? and What is your plan for the society?.

Everyone elaborated their plan of action well. while speaking their plan of action, most of them spoken well with less stammering.

Then, we talked about forth coming next month Chennai workshop.

May be due to one day match, less pws attended the above meet.

That’s all from Chennai.


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    (February 14, 2012 - 3:03 pm)

    Mani sir, I am really touched by your sincerity and commitment towards Chennai Chapter! I have so much to learn from you.

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