Lets Clean Our Past

Find a place where you can sit comfortably and quietly, free from interruption. Close your eyes and mentally go back to your childhood and then come forward by separating your life into blocks of time, such as preschool, early school, summer vacations, trips, moving from one home to another, different ages, memorable events, different jobs. As you remember the events that seemed hurtful to you because of things that others did to you. Those events can reflect any kind of hurt – physical, financial, moral, or emotional.
One by one, review each incident in as much detail as you can, and carefully switch it onto a positive track. See the incident as beneficial in every way. Think of the extra-nice events that have occurred since that hurtful event took place. Realize that those hurtful events were just events that you needed in order to gain the information, wisdom, or experience that would someday prove valuable in leading you to happier events. Realize that hurtful event was an essential
part of a sequence of events that brought about that later, happier event.

one best way to look at past is to sit comfortably then focus on your for few minute(just observe) then slowly remember your.

when you find any bad memories Stay with it until the hurt is gone and you’ve freed yourself from the burden of carrying a hurt from your past. Just as it’s nice to live in a clean home, wear clean clothes, and be cleaned yourself, it’s nice to have a clean past. It provides you with a happy now and expectations for a bright future. Stay with this exercise until it’s done, dissolving past pain related to stammering will increase your level mean more better life
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  1. Sachin 8 years ago

    Yes, Lalit. It is possible to deal with mind and memories. But you would agree, that you have to be VERY intelligent to deal with MIND, because it knows so many tricks to give us a slip and fool us.. I think this is why old school emphasized so much on regular practice in a Community..not alone.

  2. admin 8 years ago

    Understanding the mind and make it free from all dirts is the basic of living a happy and successful life. Thanks Lalit for sharing this nice information.


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