voluntary shuttering

myself ritesh , i am from mumbai. and i am a stammerer . voluntary shuttering is s great practise it removes fear from our mind. i am following voluntary shuttering from 2 weeks on phone . I am calling on a no of just dial that is 8888888888. i am practising voluntary shuttering with them , i start conversation with them by bouncing and i say to them in bouncing ” hello sir me hakalata hun , please phone mat rakhna mujhe thoda time lagega explain karne me”. my friends it is great exercise to remove fear from our mind , it is a procedure of acceptance. I want to share a some incident with you , tomorrow i was on the facebook, i met a friend from delhi he was also a stammerer , then i asked to my friend that Did you follow voluntary shuttering? . he was in shock he told me hum janbuchkar kyu strangers ke samne hakklaye . kyu apna mazak banaya? my friend told me my speech therapist which is a famous in bangalore for treating stammerer, has not told him to follow voluntary shuttering.by following voluntary shuttering i may stammer more.THen i explained him that by following voluntary shuttering you may develop control over your stammering, and this will overcome your fear . but my friend from delhi not understood because his famous bangalore speech therapist has not told to follow voluntary shuttering. But i will recomend to all stammerer who are working on speech should follow voluntary shuttering to increase confidence .My next goal is to follow voluntary shuttering directly face to face because from 2 week i am following on phone


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  1. admin 8 years ago

    good ritesh master voluntary stuttering try to implement in public.It will help you remove fear of stammering.

  2. Sachin 8 years ago

    Good- now take the next step of doing it in person with strangers. Many people dont know, but Vol.stuttering is a well accepted tool of stammering therapy. Just google it and see for yourself. But I am sure you cant convince some pws who blindly follow some therapist. Anyway, you just follow this path of COURAGE- help yourself and help others by sharing..
    A good post based on real life practice.. Thanks a lot!

  3. admin 8 years ago

    You are rocking dude!! in your photos as well as in speech…Keep it up.

  4. admin 8 years ago

    i appriciateyour courage ..would like to talk to you..my num is 903350900..

  5. Roshan Syed 7 years ago

    Good Going Dude….!


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