tisa(delhi shg) welcomes govind and ravi…

There was a meeting on 19/2/2012 at central park. two new faces govind and ravi join this meeting. in this meeting myself(abhishek),  umesh rawat, sikander sir, saurabh, lalit sir,jitendra, govind , ravi, prabath, amritesh, attend. in first round we start with intro and seeing that there were a lot of people sitting  around our circle so we decided that every one will stand and and give the intro with loudly. we were very nervous because many people were observing that what are we doing? because there is a condition that every one first observe all people and taking 20 second and try to feel our body and mind sensation and then give intro. in second round is REFLEXATION….in this round we had to give some challenging task to the right hand side pws. but at last according to definition of reflexation we had to perform given task itself. in this round umesh give task to jitendra to intraction with strangers but  unfortunataly umesh had to perform and he intracted with three beautiful girl .so umesh and saurabh give the pamplet of tisa and a brief discussion about stammering with girls. they were very happy. a non stammerer person join the meeting name amritesh and he was interested to join every meeting  to improve their  communication skill and persionality. in third round we practice of  VOLUENTARRING  STUTTERING.with a loud voice. winner of this round was lalit panday. in forth round we gave  presentation..in fifth round we played a game counting 1,2,3,,,,,,,………..with clapping. winner of this round was umesh and 2nd winner was saurabh. in fifth round we practice a telephonic conversion with pramendra because due to fever he could not  attend the meeting all of us ask a question one by  one. overall we enjoy a lot and every one feel very confident. i hope that in next meeting more and more member will attend . AJ KE LIYE BS ITNA HI. AGLE MONDAY KO MILANGE DELHI SHG MEETING  KA AANKHO DEKHA HAL SUNANE KE LIYE TB TK KE LIYE NAMSKAR…….  thank u.

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  1. admin 7 years ago

    Abhishek itnae sare log to aa gaye aur kya aab puri dilli ko apni SHG meetings main invite karoge:-) Btw I learned a lot from this meeting report! Can you please explain the counting and clapping activity in more detail as I would like to try it in Shimla

  2. Ravi.... 7 years ago

    I have also attend this meeting. I got lot of experience & few technique for my speech. It was good experience.

    Ravi Prajapati

  3. admin 7 years ago

    jp sir delhi shg ke 44 pws ke contact no hai mere pas lekin sirf 8-10 hi aate hai.
    COUNTING AND CLAPPING ACTIVITY-> sir chandigarh work shop me humlogo ne ye activity ki thi.usme OM bolna tha isme clap karna hai.
    5 ya 5 ka multiple(10,15,25….)pe clap karna hai.aur two digit ko add karke 5 aata hai us par bhi clap karna hai ex(14; 1+4=5, 23; 2+3=5….).two digit ko substract karne pe 5 aata hai us par bhi clap karna hai (16=>; 6-1=5, next ex 27; 7-2=5).aur do digit ko substract karne pe 0 aaye to clap for ex(11; 1-1=0, 22; 2-2=0, similarily 33, 44,55…etc) let's start (1, 2,3,4,clap,6,7,8,9,clap,clap,12,13,clap,clap,clap,17,18,clap,clap,21,

  4. Sachin 7 years ago

    arre bhaiyaa Abhishek – tu ta kamal kar dehla! Shimla jaiba ki naahi?

  5. admin 7 years ago

    nice Abhishek.. u described very well…. , sorry guys i was not able to send pic which i took on sunday …:-)

  6. sikander 7 years ago

    Very good Abhishek, Well done! It is great to know that all our members are becoming good correspondent. It is because each of us is a big motivation and inspiration for others. The highlight of the meeting was giving the introduction and speech by standing. At the first we all had a bit fear but we overcame our fear of being observed by strangers sitting in the park. It was really a great experience for all of us. We became very confident. We will be doing this in next meetings also. The other thing was "we had a conference call with our brave hero "Pramendra Singh Bundela" as he was not able to attend the meeting and many of us were missing him, especially new members. Everyone one by one asked him questions and he very confidently answered us. One more thing, we have noticed that now non-stammmers are also taking interest in attending our meetings. We are working on communication and that's the purpose of TISA also to encourage us to communicate well. Hats off to Umesh and Saurav for taking the initiative of talking to girls and explaining them about the purpose of TISA and our meeting.

    Overall, it was again a learning experience for me. Thanks everyone for making it interesting by bringing new and new ideas.

    With regards
    sikander singh

  7. Govind 7 years ago

    maine bhi delhi SHG meeting attend ki. it was one of the most memorable day of my life. i was new in this meeting. maine pahle bhi kabhi koi speech tharapy nhi li. but after meeting i realize 1st time that what is the level of my stammering. it is too.. and i also feel that i m not alone in dis world who stammer.. mujhe hamesha ye lagta tha k sirf main he ek easa ladka hun jise apna name batane me pareshani hoti h yaa sab wo kaam jo 1 baccha k liye bilkul aasaan ho wo mujhe sabse mushkil lagta. lekin SHG meeting attentd ki to bahot relax hua nd confident buildup kar paya that I CAN SPEAK WELL.. nd m doing excrcise regularly in the morning.. In last i wanna thanxxxxxx 2 TISA nd all members of delhi SHG… IF WE CAN SING WELL.. WE CAN TALK WELL…

  8. admin 7 years ago

    Nice Abhishek, you write very well and describe all events in a good manner. You really coordinated the meeting very well.

  9. admin 7 years ago

    thanks to all for your valuable comment…….sachin sir i wll try…


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