Lets Change our mindset

The Time has come where we have to change our mind set regarding stuttering. We always thinks about “Life without stuttering”, but why not we think “Life with stuttering”. The only difference is “out” i.e- Out our mindset.. When we consider our stuttering as a enjoyment of life, we must succeed in it. The solution of stammering has not been discovered yet. The only solution (as I feel):- Confidence, therapy and most importantly acceptance. So we must live with it. At first time, when I heard about this acceptance, frankly speaking I am amazed and shocked. Why the hell we accept that we stammer??? .I can’t live with my stuttering but later (much later.. ) , I realized that it is the medicine that that we all must take.
In today scenario, many stutter also can’t accept his stuttering in his real life. This word sounds “bad” to him. I want to tell you some incident of mine. Some days later one boy his name is Krishna called me and start asking about my speech therapist, how many months I taken this, does it help me or not? e.t.c, then later he realized that I am a severe stutter, he start giving me home remedies tips ( like “Dalchinni” ko muh mein rakho, start talking in front of mirror, mirch khao). Next day I message him about this TISA, acceptance and SHG, I wasn’t get any reply from him till now. I am not blaming Krishna(for his advice). I just wanted to say that today also “Acceptance” is not widely accepted by many people, I think it’s just because of his old belief, rumor of stammering.
Many stutter slowly moving on his depression, because of his neglecting mind and he thinks he can’t do anything in his life now. But as we all know the naturalist “Charles Darwin” is also suffered from depression or melancholia, but this depression never affect his life in any way and later the whole world know him as invention of “theory of evolution”. So he is Charles and we never be like him but we can take some example or inspiration from him
We must live with our stammering, there is nothing wrong in it. Whether the people laugh or tease you, it doesn’t matter. Also acceptance is not the only cure, but it is the very first step.    

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  1. Sachin 8 years ago

    Great Mohit! Keep sharing your experiences and thoughts..

  2. admin 8 years ago

    Yes, acceptance takes you to a higher state of consciousness where you can act more effectively!

  3. admin 8 years ago

    very true mohit. accepting of being a stutter will take some time but eventually helps in a longer run.

  4. admin 8 years ago

    nice mohit…acceptance is the first step, without it no technique is going to work .
    liked pic on ur post …keep writing


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