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From my own personal experience, meeting other people who stammer, travelling with them, hanging out with them on a very frequent basis is what has healed me and helped me to become a better person. It was these times which slowly brought a sense of peace and which gave me enough belief in my own self to explore and find my own solutions to the challenges that I was facing. No direct benefit, No instant benefit but a lot of REAL and long lasting indirect benefits. After all whats there to lose? If nothing else, you will have a good time in Shimla.

Take one day off and put in more hours at work during next week to meet your deadlines! Life is all about going with your gut feeling. What does it, say ? If you feel like coming, catch a bus and reach by early Saturday morning! We will help you get accomodation.
For any query Contact Anupinder 9779977441
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  1. Sachin 8 years ago

    Yes JP. Many pws believe that someone (a Therapist) will do "something" to them and they will be cured of stammering! And they keep on waiting for this "something" to happen! Years pass by. Life itself passes by.
    On the other hand, some pws realise that it is something THEY have to do. Yes, things like SHG meets, conferences actually changes you. So many pws have said so in retrospect..


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