Day One at SHIMLA Get Together

We started our journey from Kalka
station with eight members – Jai Prakash Sunda, Dhruva, Umesh, Amit,
Sorav, Jitender, Gorav, Anupinder.We all were very excited as we
were travelling by toy train for the first time. Whole journey was a
good experience – valleys,fresh air, tunnels and lots of fun and
shouting! Then we wrote our favorite cartoon characters which
describes us on a paper slip and then tried to guess each others
character. Some of most interesting characters were Shaktimaan,
Chacha choudhary and Shin-chain. We then moved to formal
introductions where we also shared a few interesting facts about our
cartoon character.

Next was dhum-shraj, by dividing in two
teams. It was great fun trying to come up with difficult names and
then trying to “tell” that to our teammates without speaking!
We also discussed future plans for TISA
and individuals….like newsletter printing, self help group working,
paid membership, translating books in hindi, giving presentations in
schools, website upgradation. We reached shimla at 5:15 pm and had
two rounds of parathas and tea..and then took bus and reached the
guest house rooms. We had dinner and than play bluff till mid

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  1. admin 7 years ago

    Wow Keep going guys and do fun as much possible as you can, because these precious time comes in a while
    All the best for your trip!

  2. Sachin 7 years ago

    Great! Have fun. Discover that life goes beyond fluency.. Stretch your comfort zones.. meet and make friends..keep sharing..

  3. admin 7 years ago

    have fun guys…

    Various roleplays and games have always made TISA SHG meets and workshops joyful.

  4. admin 7 years ago

    BTW, in the pic, Dhruv is inquiring about room bookings 🙂


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