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Hi friends!!
Its always pleasure to meet you all & to read your all inspiring thoughts on this wonderful devotional site.
Yesterday was one of my most joyful day.Since more than one month i came to my lovely mumbai,i occasionally called Rommy &Prakash for the SHG meetings.During talks though it was formal talks,we all made a point to talk formally & then using our skills. 🙂
Yesterday prior to meeting, I deliberately skipped one of my official meeting & went straight to the place.
It was in Wadala Five garden,the place where most of the evening & memories happened during my teenage.( I turned 35 today but I’m still young at heart!!!!!! :D)
First came Prakash from Wadala station . by the time I called Rommy who was still in his Lower Parel office waiting to come at the venue.We met Amey Sawant after words.Then came Ravindra , Gaurav. Then came Laukik very young Engineering scholar. After words Dabhang alias Ritesh Yadav & Sachin came. . Rommy also joined last.
Formal intro was over we talked about our self.We laughed , we shared a jokes. We sat right in the middle of the garden making circle. One thing i would like to share here. All the people are very smart &good looking.I keep on telling Prakash that they all are our PWS models.Busy city like mumbai where no one cares for nobody exept there own work,we came for the purpose.
Dabhang &Sachine came from Badlapur,Rommy from Lower Parel,Ravindra &Gaurav from Central, Laukik from Thane, Amey from Grant road. Since I’m continuously on field, that day i came from Mahape.

Meeting starts , formal introductions are over. Rommy took a charge & told me to introduced my self for which I happily obliged. Then I Keep on talking about myself,my family,my precious moments & also some of the moments i did not shared to any body regarding my not so happy moments ( Harish knew what i talking about) &one moment i was carried away . I made myself comfortable & suddenly my eyes starts flowing . could not controlled my self. it was the most embarrassing moment but some times flowing with the emotions are better that holding it back.
All of them was listening to my boring story but one thing i must admit. These mumbai group has something very unique. They know how to listen.Some times listening your story will make you comfortable.
Thanks Mumbai Tisa for listening me… 🙂
We talked about attitude, we talked about fear ,we talked about practice,about various things.
Not only about stammering but in general ( Prakash also goin g to share his though,i suppose). Rommy then told Gaurav to call his best friend & told to confess about his stammering & to ask whether he has any solution. Gaurav,Laukik,Sachin,Ravindra , Prakash &Ameya called there respective friends &asked them to rate their stammering. We all waited for the outcome. &to all of our surprise ” No one felt that stammering is a BIG problem”. Every body knew that their friends is having a problem but its no big deal. Prakash’s friend even told him to repeat ” ALL ISS WELL” .HAHAAHAHA.
It was the most fun filling exercise. We had a good laugh &alos we learned that only we are making stammering more that it actually are. Stammering is just part of me . Just less than 1%. We PWS concentrating only our 1 % disability (Sorry guys to write this word but i could nit find any), but we are ignoring 99%positive thing which is also part of ourselves. Forget 1%, concentrate on 99%.

At 3.30 everybody started to move with a smile on their face.It was one of the most lovable SHG ,i enrolled in. I missed my GOA SHG & Harish & other GOA friends. But things we should move on & starts working for ourselves &the people we care for so much.

Friends if I’m carried away, then its OK to carried away for some times & also ITS OK TO STAMMER SOMETIMES.
Till then Over & out from Santosh…


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  1. admin 8 years ago

    yes it was a great meeting and its plus point was to meet santosh sir , a confident man with a lot of positive energy,and today he is so successful in his life. he is a like role model to us. thank you santosh sir for coming in the meeting and sharing your life experience about stammering.

  2. Sachin 8 years ago

    Thanks Santosh. As you say, emotions are fine. Crying too is fine. If there were no emotions, what difference will there be between man and robot?
    Secondly, you are again correct: Just listening to another pws patiently and with all attention is like therapy; this is why TISA believes in SHGs.. and wants to have one in every city..
    Support each other and keep the meetings going.. You will be earning a lot of Punya!

  3. admin 8 years ago

    Thanks dabbang!! you rocked man!!!
    Dr Sachin you are my mentor… What ever I've learned may be little its all because of your everlasting support & love.

  4. admin 8 years ago

    Wow that was a wonderful report of a wonderful meeting. Santosh, nice to see you back in action. Mumbai SHG seems to be an enthusiastic lot. Romi, it was a good exercise of calling one's friends and confessing about stammering. I wish I too was a part of your meeting 🙂

    Santosh, all of us here in Goa miss you.

  5. lashdinesh 8 years ago

    Feels good after reading.. its not very often that we express ourself fully.. Santosh you have done that..

  6. Anonymous 8 years ago

    Hi santosh,

    very happy to see your determination to encourage youngsters by sharing your own experience and emotions.

    you are the ultimate winner of your life. Do you know when this victory was engraved? it was when you realized that stammering is not an obstacle but as an opportunity to improve and excel in life! such realization is very important in ones life.

    this positive attitude in life turns all our sufferings into happiness, we start enjoying our struggle and become victorious in the end.

    i am sure that all our teachers and friends will be happy to hear your success.

    Gautam Buddha said, "thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared." You are spreading happiness by giving hope of life to all.

    keep it up my dear friend,



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