Interview Time

Today I again face the interview of part time computer operator job in a private company.. Before reaching the interview venue, I have to face many problems like asking rikshaw wala, asking auto driver, the address of that venue and if he can’t help me then I have to ask many people on road side(which is very difficult for me), then after passing this hurdle, I reached the venue(I am much sweating), then I got fresh. The interviewer asked me about myself, my educational qualification, my experience. I told him about myself (at first I am totally blocked, no words are coming out, then I take a long breathe and start saying those lines by using stop pause method and prolongation and this really help me to say those lines easily) and also I realized that its my time, I have to say. I told him that I stammer, then he said “its ok I understand you carry on” then I also asked him about his company and its working.. Then he said “I am giving you our another company address”(where I have to work), and he write his address on a piece of paper, now I had to go there( uff again tough work for me).
Normally if I can’t able to ask somebody, then I give those paper where I have written address and ask him the address(so that he can see my written address), but the paper given by this person is very badly written(no one can’t read this) so I have to ask this address by myself. So I start asking people, some laugh at me very badly, I told him “yar ye tum khud pe hass rahe ho, mere pe nahi” then he said nothing, then some good peoples help me to find the address. Now again I am sweating much, but I don’t care about it and move to meet the Manager of  that company and lastly he said me “You have to work 10am-7pm”, which is not possible for me and I said him “sorry sir” and I leaved that place and came to my home.
The experience was great because it really teaches me many things, some are bad and some are “Feel good” experiences. I also feels that when I am asking  someone or I got those hard blocks, then my mind stops working and all energy forces me to say those Words. The only solution(that I feel at that time)  help me to get rid of those blocks is “take 2-3sec breathe and again try to say those words by using some technique”.
Its Very difficult for me at first, but I faced the interview successfully!

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  1. admin 8 years ago

    Mohit go on!! you are going well. keep moving. You are a brave man and self motivator. Hats off to your attitude!!

  2. Sachin 8 years ago

    Seeking out and Dealing with your fears- That is what LIFE is all about. Keep living! and keep sharing..

  3. admin 8 years ago

    great confidence man ,thank you for posting such inspirational post

  4. admin 8 years ago

    g8t mohit ..keep fighting wit fears ..kep sharing

  5. Vinay 8 years ago

    Generally we stammerers feels very good once our interview or presentation is over. And we feel its an achievement that we faced such situation. Thts good !!
    Now we should also focus on trying to get maximum out of it. It means that during interview or presentation we should try to tell whatever is needed. At no time we should try to cut short our message.

  6. Anonymous 8 years ago

    great man.i realy like ur exprence.thaks 4 post here..

  7. admin 8 years ago

    great yar ,truly you are a courageous guy

  8. admin 8 years ago

    great yar ,truly you are a courageous guy

  9. admin 8 years ago

    Thanks guys for supporting me, this really means a lot to me. I given 4-5interview in past, but never feels that much happy that i am now because i can't able to share my words with anyone so i always feel guilt,bad. But now feeling positive energy around me.
    Thanx once again!

  10. admin 8 years ago

    Well done Mohit! You are very courageous boy.

  11. admin 8 years ago

    Good one Mohit!!!
    THe world full of new things to be learned..
    With the attitude like your's, you can keep get going..
    All the best…

  12. raj 8 years ago

    great man keep it up


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