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How many of you have been told stories as children? How many children get to hear it today? When I was a child my sister, my parents and some friends use to tell me stories. I did not get to “watch” Ramayan- but was told the story by my father, over many exciting evenings.

But today, that popular and wholesome family activity has vanished. Today, family watches the TV quietly and then retires for the night, since next morning everyone (including the children) has to rush off somewhere. During the day, when there may be time, people would rather talk to their smart-phones rather than to each other.

But story telling can be a very useful tool for language acquisition, communication skills, bonding and development of values and personality of the child. Even for older pws, this can be a very useful exercise- since it involves, imagination, thinking, telling and impromptu “special effects” and is full of fun for both parties.

I make it a point to “teach” this to the parents who come to me. This video, shows a Sikh gentleman telling a story from the life of Guru Nanak Dev ji, to his adopted child (a cws) and then the child retells the story back to him. I had to tell the father a few rules a couple of times: Keep the story simple. Only one story at a time and always ask for the feedback- the whole story back in child’s own words and dont forget to praise him for the effort.

I hope they will continue this back home and have fun every evening. I myself was so touched that soon after, I researched and read the life of Sri Guru Govind Singh ji on Wikipedia. Ramakrishna once said that the ten Sikh gurus were the reincarnation of King Janak, hence such perfect balance in Bhakti and Karmayog in their lives.

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Post Author: Sachin

4 thoughts on “Story Telling


    (March 20, 2012 - 11:27 am)

    Yes Dr Sachin,
    we all grows with listning stories from elder ones.I also had a daughter who daily sit on my lap & request me to tell stories.
    But in todays so called fast life,i always tells her " Raani aaj nahi kal zaroor bataunga"
    But now i definately want to go home straight & tell her a wonder ful story about Raja & Rani.
    Thank you DrSachine for sharing..


    (March 20, 2012 - 3:42 pm)

    This video reminds my old grandfather, when he's telling me story about ram,krishna,chanakya niti e.t.c. We almost forget such things in our life. Thank you for memorizing such such things


    (March 21, 2012 - 10:03 am)

    my grandmother used to tell stories to me and my younger brother , she is really a great lady – i used to practice bouncing with her


    (March 21, 2012 - 11:46 am)

    Superb! I remember me and my brother waiting for the night time for my father to tell us amazing stories where he would also put us as characters 🙂

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