मज़बूरी इंसआन को सब सीखा देती है ?

24 March 2012, 6:30 pm Now I am very upset and I am crying. Just an hour ago my cousin brother Himanshu bakshi had come to my house and we (all the family members, me, cousin brother) were having discussion on various topic. I was also participating in the conversation and giving my opinion. I told them about my situation at Rajpura railway station that how I was very scared and not able to speak and enquire for my train & buy tickets and finally I had to write it down on a piece of paper to get the tickets . My cousin brother asked what will you do if you had to ask something from your boss, I told if I am not able to speak I will simply write it down on a piece of paper and tell him what I want .Then he told laughingly that if you had to go to the girls house for a marriage proposal then also you will write on a piece of paper and convey what you wanted to say. I was really hurt from inside. Then he told that “ मज़बूरी इंसआन को सब सीखा देती है ”. His point was that I stammer only because I hadn’t put myself under “Majburi “more difficult situations. I got very emotional & was about to burst in tears . Was it my mistake to write it down on a piece of paper when my speech was not helping me out , to make the situation more difficult I would have torn the paper & throw away my pen and without using any hand gesture or any other help , I would have tried to communicate using my speech only? Somehow I manage myself & controlled my emotions of crying . Will I have to always carry a pen and a piece of paper all my life ? I accept that I stammer but I don’t want to stammer (I don’t like to stammer) .I am able to accept it now easily that I stammer may be because I know that i won’t be stammering later but what if had to stammer my whole life ? what if I had to always carry a pen & a blank page all my life ? ohh God I don’t want that , I don’t want to stammer all my life .I cannot ACCEPT that . Who wants to be a Millionaire ? If you want to be a millionaire then why don’t you put yourself in a situation where you will have to be a millionaire and there is no other option. — Take as much loan as you can from a bank ( against your house or any other possession ) and then give the money to the poor people .Now you will have to earn that much money to get your house back .Now you are in a hard situation “ मज़बूरी” and you will definitely find a solution to earn that much amount of money . now you have the way to earn the money and you will be a Millionaire for sure . Try it its absolutely free ! ** Readers are free to give true comments without any hesitation . I won’t feel bad if your comment is against me .I just want is to learn and find an answer to my questions

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

6 thoughts on “मज़बूरी इंसआन को सब सीखा देती है ?


    (March 25, 2012 - 4:58 am)

    Your majburi has already taught you something valuable: to write when you cant speak. When a student has hurt his hand, he is given a writer for the written exams. When a man loses speech thru "stroke", he is taught sign language, so that he can ask for water, food etc. What is wrong with all this?
    PWS dont stammer all the time. "Correct" answers also are not very important all the time. When these two situations combine- like a very important stressful interview, many pws have asked for the permission to WRITE, instead of speaking. This is a very normal demand for accommodation under natural law. Nothing wrong, nothing shameful.
    Your only "mistake", if any, is that you took your cousin TOO seriously.. You should be taking yourself with that kind of seriousness, not the world around you.. I am happy that you are coming today..Let us talk in person.


    (March 25, 2012 - 6:51 am)

    You will get through this Gorav….And remember-We fall down,so that we can get up again stronger……..


    (March 25, 2012 - 11:44 am)

    Gourav, your post reminds of a conversation that I was having with a very close friend who just returned from a speech therapy course and he wanted my feedback on whether the course had helped him improve or not ?

    Now how can others tell you, how you are doing; or whether you are doing the right thing. And even if some of them do tell you, the answer/perspective varies from person to person. You are the expert on your own life and stammering because you are living it. Remember there is nothing wrong or right. Its our thoughts that put those labels and you can choose to ignore the labels.

    The most important thing is you have started living your life! Next time ask your cousin to go invisible or talk in chinese. If he says he can't do, say that he is not trying hard enough. If he tries REALLY hard, he WILL BE ABLE to do it. Human logic is inherently flawed. Next time value your experiences MUCH MUCH MORE that what others (even if they are experts!) say!


    (March 25, 2012 - 3:27 pm)

    no gorav, we don't have to stutter in our whole life.It gradually decreases as our age increase, but you must have some patience,because it is the only key for man's success. And as you written inquiring at railway counter e.t.c it is always very difficult for us.So dont take tension anymore, just have patience and practice regularly(as i always said).
    Keep sharing dude.


    (March 25, 2012 - 5:43 pm)

    You are not the first person who stammers. There are examples of people who have overcome stammering and achieved success in life. And there are also examples of people who have lead a successful life with stammer. Fight with your struggle and get success in life and be inspiration for others.


    (March 26, 2012 - 1:43 pm)

    thanks friends for your honest and motivational comments . now if same thing happens again my reaction will be different

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