The Stammurai.. (Bangalore SHG Meet Report)

Today we were 6 of us.
The strength was less due to following reasons.
1) The meeting details were communicated at the last moment.
2) The meetings have been shifted to Saturdays.

Classroom which we use was busy with some admissions and
they had asked us to manage somewhere else for 1 week.

However, with some jugglery we could squeeze in 2 hours and
made it to the classroom!!

The strength would have been less but there was no dearth in
enthusiasm. 🙂
I distributed bubble-gums to everyone and told them to take
it easy!

The theme for today was “To Stammer” ! 🙂 Yes, it
was Lets Stammer..
Instructions were clear – Dont try to avoid or come out of the block.. Try to get in
to the block as much as possible and enjoy!!

This came as surprise to everyone. Then we discussed that
primary reason to stammer is
due to “undue pressure on mind to speak fluently”
so today lets get off that pressure.

Its like in Cricket if are not afraid to lose our wicket
then we come out with the “Stunning shots”.. when we have fear losing
wicket then we play hesitantly and take singles!! 🙂

With the Theme set, we started our everyday reading.

Unlike previous classes, we dint read standing at one place
instead we moved around during reading. Also we enjoyed the bubble-gum.. chew
and read, read and chew !! 🙂

Everyone was at their best today, there were few fumbles but
NO blocks..

There were drastic improvements in Chandan, chennai trip did
heal him to an large extent.From being restless, he was lot calmer and could express

Alok and Chandan, shared about chennai trip. (Tanoy is
writing a detaild blog on this)

Alok to some extent got excited and nudged the fellow mates
for not coming. He cited  that when a guy from Mumbai can come then why cant you..

Others (Who could not make it to Chennai) shared why they
want to overcome Stammering.
We discussed that  “Speaking Fluently” or making
“more money” are the usual responses.

More important questions like “Why” do you want to
speak fluently or more precisely “what” do you want to speak fluently
are always left out.

We always put cart before the horse.
“Content” should always come first then followed
by “style” and not the other way.

Towards the end we played a very nice animation video –
The Stammurai (Sammurai who is a stammerer)  Very good indeed. Watch and enjoy until we meet again..

Warm Regards


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  1. Sachin 8 years ago

    Yes, asking one self- why do I want to be fluent? What is it, which only fluency can get me? – is very important. Sometime we are not aware of our real motives. We do all the right things – but for wrong reasons. It reminds me a famous saying from a famous pws SLP from USA: Your fluency gains you little; Your dis-fluency costs you nothing. In other words: your fluency or your dis-fluency, both are of little consequence in the larger scheme of things. Things which are truly important are beyond BOTH..

  2. admin 8 years ago

    bangalore members will definately win this battle against stammering

  3. admin 8 years ago

    Yes, sometimes we just want to do things because others may be doing them. You guys are conducting the meeting so thoughtfully!

  4. admin 8 years ago

    Well said by sachin sir..why we need it and what it can do. it just serve the little purpose. I wanna update this lines to my fb profile 🙂


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