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Today I woke up late by 10-15 min and I had to go alone for the morning walk because Dr sachin had already left at 6:00 am. When I was back Sachin sir told that today you have to go alone by bus to Sadhna Kendra ashram in dumet .After having my breakfast I left for the ashram .one bus came and I get on the bus when the conduct came I told him I want to go to dumet ,he said what I tried again and told d——-dumet .He told that the bus is going to vikasnagar from vikasnagar you can go to dumet . I get down the bus at vikasnagar and was waiting for the next bus to come, no bus was coming, a man was standing near to me first i hesitated to ask but somehow I asked him about dumet . He told you go to some chowk and from there you can get an auto to badwala . I told him that I don’t know where the chowk is and how to get there .While we were talking man’s friend came on activa , he told him to drop me to that chowk and also find auto for him. So I went to dumet on an auto . In the ashram I met Aanant chetanya .Who also stutter I had a talk with him .then I listened to swami ji pravachan, then I took langar there. I was back from ashram at 2:50. then I went for karate .After karate I met two police men and gave my introduction to them , I was not able to bounce properly after that I took my dinner and went to sleep.

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  1. gunu kumar 8 years ago

    Great post, you have pointed out some superb details, I will tell my friends that this is a very informative blog thanks.
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  2. admin 8 years ago

    nice man

  3. admin 8 years ago

    You are really going in positive path my friend.Keep it up!

  4. admin 8 years ago

    Gorav, you are changing at very fast pace! Keep challenging yourself and do call me back 🙂

  5. lashdinesh 8 years ago

    I like to read your updates Gorav.. keep it going. Thanks..


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