myself see as an observer……

this is not only a picture of circus. it is a good example of trust.before 10 months i join tisa . a lot of question in my mind. why am i stammer?,why am i so different w.r.t. other? what can i do so that i become a good speaker? which type of techinique more help me?can i speak without any axcitment or without using any secondary features? if yes then how? after attending two workshop a lot of confusion had solved. but there was a big problem that how can i maintain this type of practice, motivation , self analysis. i first trust in tisa, shg and its techanique.also believe in myself that i am right and i am at right path. shg helped me a lot .i observed other pws how he stammer? and i was being observed by shg friends. and after some time i able to observe myself stammering and my fear situation. and facing my fear situation a lot of time and observing so closely it become more comfortable. so after a long time we will be able to take a decision which techanique is best for me. in other words we can say that “TISA , SHG AND ITS TECHANIQUE IS  LIKE AS MEDIATION JB TAK HUM ISE FOLLOW KARANGE NHI TB TK US PARAM ANAND KI PRAPTI NHI HOGI”
 i become more aware of my stammering thought, concepts, old perception,techanique, and more comfortable with real life situation. now a days i try to make  an  observer . situation are around me are same but i try to see with a positive attitude.
like as:
“i am depressed”  can become  ” i am a little down”
“i am very nervous”  can become ” i am recharging”
“i am lonely” can become  “i have shg , tisa and open for love”
“i am overloaded with stammering” can become ” i am streching myself to discover my capabilities with the                      help of tisa and shg”

*until we become aware of stammering and what are the secondary features are and begin to struggle with them ,understand them, there is a very little hope for change.
*taking stammering and its mental pain and projecting our logical ideas for the future.
and it is possible when we trust, follow, have patience and being an observer.

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

2 thoughts on “myself see as an observer……


    (April 3, 2012 - 6:01 am)

    Wow!! Slowly changing effect your mind and thoughts. This is the real progress in recovery. I observed in you that you always believe in yourself and have dare to take big steps. Keep this spirit up!!


    (April 3, 2012 - 8:45 am)

    Yes- unless you can see yourself very OBJECTIVELY, you cant change very much. Meeting ohters in SHG, is like standing in front of a full length mirror.. It truly helps- but slowly and steadily..

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