Today I woke up at 6:00 am and went for a morning walk .After that I did 30 mins of meditation and 30 mins of bouncing practice. Then Dr sachin told me that a stammerer Sumit (class X student) had come from Dehradun why don’t you meet him and have a cup of tea and some chat with him. I went and met him, Sumit had come with his cousin brother, we sat down in a shop and had some chat with cup of tea .Then after some time Dr sachin came and took all of us to his computer class. There we introduced ourselves to the DCA students one by one .Dr sachin told students to ask some tough questions from us and they did ask questions like ‘how will you feel or react if someone makes fun of you ‘, about our future goals/dreams etc.. After that we went to the Lehman hospital’s OPD hall .There we introduced ourselves one by one and told the patients who were sitting in the hall that we stammer and to control stammering there are some techniques like bouncing and prolongation then Dr sachin asked us many questions and we gave answer to his questions in front of so many people. After that we took our lunch .Then Sumit along with his brother were leaving for their home, Dr sachin sir told that Sumit now you will have to take the tickets of the bus. Then I took some rest in the afternoon . In the evening Dr sachin & i went for a long evening walk . During the walk we had a good long discussion on topic like ‘karma’,Is stars controlling our fate ? (what do you think ??) and other topics .During the walk we went to a shop had some chocolates , namkeen and mango slice .There also we had discussion on the Karma and role of stars in our life with the owner of the shop and the man sitting in the shop , both were old and had good knowledge . Then while coming back Dr sacahin told me to call few stammers .(it was very difficult because when you are walking fast your heart beat and breathing rate increases ,hence I was stuttering a lot not able to sometime utter a single word .I don’t know how sachin sir was able to talk so fluently even while walking fast).I called jatinder (delhi) , Anupinder (patiala) , vinod chauhan (solan) I also wanted to call Amit khushwah but I didn’t had his number .While talking to them I was not at all able to bounce or apply any other technique but all of them listened me patiently and also motivated me 🙂 . Then after having my dinner I attended the conference call on Skype. When I was told to introduce myself or to say any story on the given picture , I knew I was talking to the stammerers but I was not able to speak any word properly , I was stammering like anything not even able to speak out alphabets in the words .On seeing this Rajesh and other participants told me to bounce but when I tried I was not able to speak out the first alphabet of any word and hence I was not able to bounce so I was speaking out the words the way they were coming .I could speak only 4-5 lines and that too without using any techinique ,strugging hard to speak out word as I could in the whole conference call. At last Rajesh told me to sing a song – I wanted to sing some other song but the first word of the song was not coming out, tried to bounce on the first word but the sound of the first alphabet was not coming out so sang the song in which I was comfortable 🙁 .All together conference call was hell and painful. I used to think that I can speak atleast 5 words out of 100 words fluently but on seeing my performance in the conference call I could say that I cannot say a single word properly.


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  1. admin 8 years ago

    Hi Gorav,

    So How was your 5th, 6th April's call conference call experience.
    I would request you to write a post on 5th and 6th days as well. So that people can understand how these Skype calls improved you.

    I am very Happy to see that you have improved after your first call.Today your performance is awesome.
    And not to mention your song on 4th April was excellent.

    With Regards.

  2. admin 8 years ago

    Its your memorable trip gorav, take help from Dr sachin as much as you can.If you fail to speak,try it again and again, don't feel bad about it..Great going!


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