Today I was sleeping and it was 6:10, at last sachin sir came and woke me up . Then I went for a morning walk .After that I did pranayama for 30 min and then 30 mins of meditation .Then Sachin sir told me that today you have to go to a school and there you will meet Mr Abhishek Thakur and he will let you take class of students. I went to the school on bus, taking ticket in the bus was difficult. When I reached there I asked a man that I wanted to meet Thakur sir (although I wanted to say Abhishek sir word Abhishek was not coming, stuck on the alphabet ‘a’). I met him and he told me that you should come after the lunch break is over. I waited till the lunch break was over and again met him; he asked me what my purpose to come here was.I wanted to say that sachin sir has sent me here but word sachin was not coming out.On seeing me stammering he immediately told that sachin sir had sent you? I told yes. He asked somebody to gather the stammering students of classes 5-7 in the library. Then we went there, there were around 10 students who were facing the same problem of stammering. I told them about bouncing and prolongation (although I was not able to bounce or prolong properly :p) abdominal breathing ,cancellation etc. We also played game with them. All together I had a good time with them but I was stammering a lot (wanted to say/tell them a lot but ..) and felt bad as I was not at all able to bounce at all and was teaching students how to bounce. After the class I went to Sadhna Kendra Ashram, listened to the words of Chandra Swami (he was answering the question ‘how to get the feeling of that we are living in a unreal world’) and after that I had my lunch in the ashram. Then I went for karate classes in the evening . At night I attended the conference call on Skype ,today I was a bit fluent as compare to previous’ conversation and also Rajesh helped me to speak properly.


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  1. admin 8 years ago

    Wow Gorav…
    You are doing these many things daily.

    You haven't talked anything about pranayama nor Karate classes. I wish you shall talk about that in today's night call 🙂

  2. Sachin 8 years ago

    Like the ocean, our mind and our speech has ebb and tides. Accepting this FACT, is true acceptance and sadhana.. We have to accept and still go on with life and whatever needs to be done..

  3. admin 8 years ago

    @Sachin ji, Thanks for inspiring and motivating us deep from your heart everytime.

    With Regards.


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