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Hi All this is Rajesh, the below content illustrates about the SHG meeting that happened on 8th April, 2012

“SUNday” has proved its name in the morning.
Thanks to Mr.Raja ji for arranging FunSchool as our venue so we were off from the Sun.
The classroom has very good ambiance.
Colorful chairs and desks. Perfect place for an SHG meeting.
Six people have attended today’s SHG meeting and shared their valuable time and learnt a lot in this event.
People attended are 1) Raja 2) Rajesh 3) Shahi Kiran 4) Vijay Bhasker 5) Jagat and 6) Mahipal.
Everyone is awesome.
We took few chairs and arranged them in a circular fashion for better interactivity facing each other.
We had following events discussed in meeting.(All Events are planned for better future SHG meetings so that all will turn up with enthu from next weekend onwards)
A)  Self Introduction of all members
B)  Sharing of techniques which worked individuals till now in their life. 
C)  Introducing techniques which would help a lot.
D)  Knowing what every individual is expecting from this SHG in future meetings.
E)   Knowing Hostile scenarios where everyone has stuttered in past
F)   Suggestions from Group for next meeting and its frequency.
G)   Out of Box activities apart from usual SHG meetings.(what individual wants to contribute here in SHG)
Every above event was passed round the members so all had a chance to talk in every discussion.
When the (C) event has started and different techniques are introduced, people in group are very much happy and they straight away used them in rest of the events (D,E and F)
So learning curve is very fast here in this group as we started implementing right after few minutes.
In (D)event all have come up with their wants, so that they get rid of fears which we would mimic here in SHG meetings. Some have asked for arranging of group discussions, some seminars exposure(which we might have skipped in college days) and I said i want our group to command me to do voluntary stuttering.(for example i said i want some people to come with me in a bus and lets do voluntary stuttering with bus ticket conductor  while asking for tickets). Raja said he wants to have group discussions where topic is too much heated up by members so that our stammering is at max in those situations and makes us to correct our-self  in those situations.
In (E) event we have similar hostile scenarios like lifting a phone, taking a ticket to a station etc..
In (F)  event we thought of having SHG meetings every weekend.
In (G) event we had beautiful views from everyone, We thought of making awareness on stuttering in schools as stuttering addressed at small ages will make problem less effective on children in their adulthood.Keeping a company where stuttering people are given more employment preferences so that it will help them. Awareness of stuttering in public–here we go and ask in public what they feel about stammering.
I explained about skype SHG calls happening everyday and told it will help them in the journey of dissolving stammering. 
Finally by end of all the events what was clear is that all are having hope and confidence so everyone will surely dissolve their stammering in near future and I wish it happens.
We took a snap for the Team. (Will update you soon…view this space for pic in a day or two)

I would like to thank everyone in group who made their presence and special thanks for Raja ji for great venue and good informative talk in meeting and explaining patiently about group members doubts. He is awesome 🙂 Meeting lasted for almost for 3 and half hours.
Looking forward for next weekend meeting.
Together We Step Up 🙂 Together We Succeed 🙂
With Regards,
Rajesh V.
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4 thoughts on “Hyderabad SHG Meet—–NEWS


    (April 9, 2012 - 2:42 am)

    Congratulations guys!
    Yes, keep expanding the invisible bubble of our limits and beliefs..


    (April 9, 2012 - 11:52 am)

    Thank you Sachin ji 🙂


    (April 9, 2012 - 3:02 pm)

    Great Debut! You and Hyderabad SHG will only get better..


    (April 10, 2012 - 5:27 am)

    @Dinesh— Thank you 🙂
    It is our members from TISA made me strong like a wall of confidence and
    Inspiring me all the time.

    With Regards.

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