Chandigarh SHG Meet 08/04/12

Yesterday we meet in Terrace Garden sector-33. In this meet Jasbir ji, Balwinder from jammu(now studing at ambala) and Anupinder(me) came and attend.

we started with general introduction round.then we all discuss cause and nature of stammering as balwinder is new to Chandigarh SHG. Jasbir ji teach us some good exercises and also explains what should be the ideal routine of a pws, he suggests morning walk, deep breathing exercises, vocal organ tensing and relaxing techniques/exercises, meditation  and also suggests minimum 1 hour in morning and 1 hour in evening reading newpaper with prolongation techniques. and he adds “drink lot of water” which is good for vocal organs. jasbir ji say acceptance is main step towards stammering management, we can not attain maximum control without acceptance.

whole meet is very informative and helpful. jasbir singh speaks very softly & sweetly, he is great personality…:)

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

3 thoughts on “Chandigarh SHG Meet 08/04/12


    (April 9, 2012 - 2:00 pm)

    Great! So finally, Balwinder did go to Chandigarh! Very good. I hope he continues to meet SHG there and Jasbir ji especially..
    It will be good outing for him and he will get a chance to practice talking to so many people in just one day..
    All the best to all of you!


    (April 10, 2012 - 11:42 am)

    It was nice attending SHG Chandigarh meet after a long gap. Credit goes to Mr. Anupinder Singh from Patiala for organizing the same and taking all the trouble of picking me up from my residence and droping back. This indicates the will and interest on his part for the meet. We all need to cultivate the same because meetings are very important. I learned a lot by interacting with Mr. Balwinder Singh and Anup. By sharing the personal experiences one understands the true concept of Acceptance which is the first step towards path to recovery.
    Hope SHG Chandigarh would meet regularly. Anup please take the lead. And thanks for the tea and pakoras also. Next time we are not going to spare that chaiwala. We all will interact with him in voluntary stuttering. If you could note he also enjoys it.
    Hope to meet again soon.
    Jasbir sandhu
    99150 06377


    (April 12, 2012 - 6:43 am)

    Great to see Jasbir ji back in the SHG meetings.

    The beauty of self help is that everyone is a Leader and coordinate the meetings. Well done guys!

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