Hyderabad SHG Meeting-April 15th, Sunday

Dear All Folks,

Good Day Wishes!!!

Hope you all are doing good..
Its yet another Awesome weekend coming ahead, Pull you socks, get ready for April 15th SHG meeting 🙂

The activities planned are briefly given below: 
1) Formal Introduction of all to the group.
2) “Root Cause of Stammering” discussion.
3) Slow Reading, Bouncing technique Air Flow techniques and Voluntary Stuttering usage.
4) Group Discussion and Queries Answering Hour
5) “Voluntary Stuttering” going live on roads

The Timings and Venue details are below:
Morning 9:00AM to 12PM or 1PM (based on people willingness)
Jalagam Vengala Rao Park
Road No: 1
Banjara Hills,

Below is the Google Map link for the Venue.
Google Map Link for this JVR Park
Note: We have to buy 5/- ticket for entering into the park 🙂

Don’t worry we have good shelters under Trees and above Sun, believe me its an Awesome place to visit 🙂
Feel free to call me/mail me for any assistance on directions to Venue.
96 76 82 0007 (available at anytime)

Waiting for the Big Day ahead 🙂

With Regards,
Rajesh V.


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  1. admin 8 years ago

    Also give the participants the option to remain silent and just observe! Some of us take time to openup.

  2. admin 8 years ago

    Hi JP :),well said.
    Surely I will give them time to open up.

  3. Sachin 8 years ago

    Meeting and talking in public place is a good challenge for many of us. Good idea!

  4. admin 8 years ago

    Thank you Sachin ji 🙂
    You support me always 🙂 Thanks for that.

  5. admin 8 years ago

    Great idea rajesh.Just keep going like this

  6. admin 8 years ago

    @Mohit- Thanks bro 🙂


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