Dil Se Kaho.. Hum mein hai HERO..

A HERO stops at nothing.. Disability is of the Mind not of the Body.. Go beyond your disabilities..

Staring in the mirror alone with effort to say what we need to say, concentrating only on delivering the content and most importantly consistently practicing is very important before we hit the big stage called “LIFE”. Imagination knows no boundaries so it is better we imagine ourselves that we do not stammer in any given situation, by this we are signaling the brain that this is how we want to deliver the speech . When a road map is established between your speech organ and brain, the scope for stammering naturally goes down. These words were said by our SHG coordinator Dinesh Singh.

 The session began with introduction of myself and delivering my content on “Review of Ravinder Singh’s second novel” I tried to follow Dinesh tip on removing the supporting words, I did avoid them but not completely as they say there is always room for improvement and I can only improve from here.
The next session began with sharing our experiences about being heroes; Abhinav shared his experience of achievement about talking to a girl for very first time. I opened up on winning the most medals on school’s annual day in spite of an appendix operation. Jeetu highlighted his achievement when he took a hattrick of very first over he bowled and also ordering a cornetto in store, he emphasized that this was possible because of confidence gained through attending SHG. Anbu shared his experience on helping a person who met with an accident and was left to fend for himself on road with fractured skull and partially deformed face. He also donated blood to that ill-fated man and stayed with him till he saw the dawn of day.

 During the previous session most of us stuttered and Dinesh came up an idea “saying the problematic words without actually uttering it” in short just muted animation of our lip movements. Abhinav got to practice on words starting with “ga” and jeetu practiced with words starting with “th”, whereas Anbu and I practiced saying our name
This session was followed by me reading a blog posted on TISA regarding challenges faced by us every day and believing that we were no lesser soul than a HERO, this was followed by Dinesh playing us the song “hum main hain HERO ……..”

The last session was meant to play a game with our mind, taking into fact that mind plays a lot of games with us on everyday basis to stammer, the lead was given by our coordinator and we repeated the words in chorus and as expected none stammered, so our coordinator took the game one level higher we were paired so as to one reading the content while other repeating it
We summed up our SHG meet for the week with sharing a message from our mobiles, the deal here is to say the joke/message and not directly read it and each of us shared the message/joke and finished the session on a happier note.

 Attendees: Anbu, Abhinav, Jeetu and your narrator Pavan along with our coordinator Dinesh Singh

Note:To start a self help group meeting(SHG) or participate in a SHG meetings in your city please follow the below link  http://stammer.in/2012/05/31/do-you-want-to-connect-to-pws-in-your/

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3 thoughts on “Dil Se Kaho.. Hum mein hai HERO..


    (April 23, 2012 - 6:15 am)

    As someone said – we are the hero of our lives; hence the song, I guess 😉 Looking forward to meeting you guys very soon in person


    (April 23, 2012 - 8:44 am)

    Perfect song!
    Good narrative!


    (April 24, 2012 - 1:24 pm)

    The Physically Challenged Person pic is so much inspiring Bro 🙂
    I am recharged seeing this pic. Got inspired so much with song too…

    With Regards

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