Delhi workshop report from Ajit

Hello Folks !!!
I am Ajit Chaurasiya presenting my first blog on my memorable
Delhi SHG presentation Workshop.
Below is the information on today’s SHG Presentation Workshop.
Location:G-83,Gulmohar Estate, Sector Pi-1 Greater Noida, Delhi NCR.
Date and Timings: Sunday, 22nd April 2012 from 10AM to 4:30PM
The activities performed are
1)welcome speech by  Amit Dixit sir , Anoop sir And Pramendra sir and shown the event list and Agenda of this Shg meeting.
set the ground rules and describe how meeting will proceed.
2) Formal Introduction with Motto(a rule for sensible behaviour)by every person.
3)After that Nitin sir and Sikander sir enlightened us about Acceptance and How SHG meetings help a PWS.
4) Bouncing Technique and Voluntary Stuttering & prolongation discussion with benefits by Pramendra sir
5)Sikander sir And Mr. Amit Dixit explained what is slow speech how to control rate of speech. 
6)Break for lunch In A Dhaba. “My first get together with my motivators like..Anoop sir,Amit Sir,sikander sir, Mr. Nitin sir And Pramendra sir. 
7)One of special and personality grooming activity yeah its Power point Presentation Activity .
8)In question answer round every member asked question to the new member Dr. Tabish.Also every member asked question to each other.This round helped us to improve our interpersonal skills.
9)Wind Up and FeedBack session.
Today’s intro is quite different with taken a motto by each person in which technique he choose like bouncing with eye contact etc.
Later Anoop Sir gave a very valuable and informative speech for us. I am very happy to say that after that speech all have increased their hope, confidence and fluency in a great level.
Later I discussed Step by Step process .The contents are as follows:
Anoop sir,as i mentioned earlier, is a wonderful man who knows each and everything about stammering and how to tackle it and thereby ,what best can be done for the same in future.
Nitin sir, he is an inspiring personality
and he gave an informative speech on EFT(Emotion freedom techniques)with iceberg graph.
Sikander sir is inspiring and motivating person,he gave a slow manner informative speech.
and this time for Amit sir and Parmendra sir
who gave presentation on commercial banking and Social media respectively,with great devotion and informative knowledge.
 After speech of our mentors: Anoop sir,nitin Sir, Sikander sir, Amit sir and parmendra sir. Dr Tabish gave his presentation.I am so impressed by  his confidence level and body language.
 Mr Jagdeesh was very confident and Mr Abhishek,Mr Jitendra were very bold .I’ll always remember jitendra’s smile..prabhat, Balveer ji (impressive one )and Mr. Govind (charming personality..:)
  NAME                   presentation topic                                                                                    
Anup sir               Demonstration at stammering
Sikander sir             slow speech techniques
Nitin sir               Emotion freedom techniques
Amit                      Commercial banking
Pramendra S. Bundela      social media
Balveer                Biography of A P J Abdul kalam
Jitendra                 GND polytechnique
Ajit                  social media networking website
Jagdeesh               Parenteral preparation
Prabhat                  Baliya visit
Abhishek             Recited own written poem
Govind                      Animation
Dr. tabish           Breast feeding
Everyone left room with great recharge, I never experienced such a recharge earlier….
I would like to thank all people who made their presence in meeting and turning it into a productive and memorable event.
Waiting eagerly for next weekend’s meeting.
All The Best.
Together We Step Up 🙂 Together We Succeed 🙂
With Regards,
Ajit Chaurasiya
9990868862       (available at anytime)
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4 thoughts on “Delhi workshop report from Ajit


    (April 24, 2012 - 3:44 pm)

    It was great experience for all of us…and Ajit wrote a very good blog .Nice post Ajit !!!!!!!..keep writing


    (April 24, 2012 - 3:55 pm)

    I had a feedback from Dr Tabish- he was very happy. Good job. Guys, keep it up..All the best!


    (April 25, 2012 - 1:28 pm)

    Nice report Ajit. Would love to meet you in person next time when I am in Delhi


    (April 26, 2012 - 2:47 am)

    beautiful description ajit..keep it up.

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