Banglore SHG, May 5, 2012

Bangalore SHG meetup May
05, 2012

Hello Guys,
Here is report of Bangalore
SHG meet up 
Attendees – Dinesh,
Karthik, Jeetu, Chandrashekhar, Pavan, Chandan, Sairam, and myself
Theme of meetup – To Share
about experiences, benefits from Bangalore SHG meet ups conducted so
We started our meet up by
discussion on National Get Together. Dinesh showed us review of
‘Honey Valley India’ in Coorg. We discussed about dates and staying
in Coorg (As we are the hosts we have to take care of most of the
things 🙂 ). Pavan, Chandan, Jeetu read the reviews in slow speaking
style. We all finally agreed for ‘Honey Valley India’ place as it is
cheap and location is very beautiful. 
After that all of us had to
speak on today’s theme. Important outcomes of this section are – 
1) Almost every
participant gained confidence while talking to others ( so called
fluent speakers) after attending meet ups.
2) Every participant
admitted that for the first time they were hesitating for attending
meet ups. But after attending the first meet up they started feeling
more comfortable with other participants :).
3) Pavan has started
asking for tickets on movie counter, ordering foods in hotels .
Earlier his friends used to give order for him. 
4) Jeetu now takes his
own time while talking to his manager and stammering does not hurt
him now.
5) Chandan’s project
presentation in college was very good. He tried speech therapy
lot of times but it did not help him. He admitted that SHG meetups
are really helpful for him.
6) Karthik has started
waking up early and he does not lose hope easily. He is committed to
overcome his problem and more over his stage fear has also decreased
7) Dinesh boy shared
that after leading Bangalore SHG meetup he gained confidence to lead
National Get Together. Earlier he used to lead small events in his
company like cricket championship etc but leading the SHG really
helped him gaining confidence. His Toastmaster classes are also
helping him a lot.
After this Pavan gave prepared
speech and Chandrashekhar told us his daily routine. He is technical
support engineer for internet complaints and we asked funny questions
from him like which area is good for internet in Bangalore and how to
fix frequent internet disconnection at home 🙂 basically we were
trying to pull his leg :).
Here are some conclusions and
promises by participants.
1) Sairam came late
today as he went for attending interview. He promised that after
getting new job he will always come on time and will treat us also 🙂
2) Jeetu has joined gym
under training of Mr Karnataka. He promised to have great body like
Pavan in next one year :).
3) Chandrashekhar
promised that he will do slow reading practice reading every day with
out fail.
4) D boy (Dinesh)
admitted that he did not sleep properly since last one week. Every
day after returning from office he spent most of the time in
searching good place for us in Coorg. D boy is leading us from front.
His aim is to see all the participants speaking better than him one
day 🙂 :).
5) Sachin sir is Guru
Drona, JP is Arjuna ( fav student of Sachin sir), Rajesh is
Eklavya(Who cured himself with out meeting his guru )  🙂 :). We
were just kidding :).
die many times before their deaths,

valiant never taste of death but once.”
So be The
valiant. Enjoy every day to fullest :). It was great meetup guys. We
enjoyed a lot today. See you guys next week.

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

4 thoughts on “Banglore SHG, May 5, 2012


    (May 6, 2012 - 2:55 am)

    If stammering is Biological (proved now)- than we are a BIOLOGICAL family.. None of those old paradigms of Gurudom!
    To prove that we are family, TISA has never charged fee for counselling or anything- ever. Let us make it the best self help movement..


    (May 6, 2012 - 10:41 am)

    Its a great idea to stop once in a while for taking the feedback of the members. Superb! So this year we will be meeting in person 🙂


    (May 6, 2012 - 12:09 pm)

    :)Even though I didn't meet Sachin ji in live, I met him online on Skype many times and cell phones too 🙂
    He inspires me a lot.
    Between,comparison is very good :)and i liked it 🙂
    I am happy that group members have good promises made and had improvement a lot.
    Keep going bros 🙂

    With Regards.


    (May 7, 2012 - 3:14 am)

    You have the flair to make the meetings come alive for non-attendess through your reports.

    Excellent A Boy!! 🙂

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