Can Time Heal ?

Note: Its just a random post and nothing with respect to stammering 🙂
Time can heal. Now that’s a famous line! Whenever something happens which hurts someone emotionally or physically, you can see the elders or the experienced ones or those who proclaim to know things like this tell the person to give it some time and it is going to heal for sure.
But does it? And CAN it?
Sure it can heal. But it can heal only the physical damage. You are wounded, you are bandaged for three days and you are healed. But what about the emotional hurt? What about the wounds that cant be seen by anyone and felt only by one? (the one being the hurt one)
Time can’t heal. Its a rubbish philosophy. Time can only make things fade away in our mind, as new moments and new things in life fill the recent space. Time can only reduce the pain caused.. gradually.. to perhaps nothing more than a sad memory for some people. But it cannot bring back that part of the heart, that part of our emotions that died in the process of bearing that pain and making us stronger to face the reality. Yes everyone has died.. in bits and pieces. And neither time.. nor anyone can bring those pieces back and glue them perfectly. These canvases of life are torn at places.. irreparably

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  1. admin 8 years ago

    Yes Tanoy, suffering is a part of human existence. Once a mother asked Buddha as to why her new born baby has to suffer. The child was keeping ill. Buddha replied : Because he was BORN! There are a few things I have learned in past few years that have helped me : Talking about my pain with very close friend(s). As I talked about it more and more, I was seeing that old pain, memories were losing grip over me. Listening to Eckhart Tolle. Reading the book : "mindful way through depression"

  2. Sachin 8 years ago

    Yes, I agree. Time cant CURE.. It only heals. In the same way as Birbal drew a bigger line next to the line drawn by Akbar!
    It offers perspective and a sense of proportion.. A time comes when you honestly say- that little rejection X months/ years ago, was nothing in comparison…eh?

  3. lashdinesh 8 years ago

    YES, Time can heal! no better treatement than time.. but do not forget to add catalysts that will quicken the process..

    Nothing in life is as important as it seems to be – this we realize in retrospect – may be after we would have lived 90% of our life.

    Do not bother much about anything. All is vain! Do the best you can do and be happy.

  4. admin 8 years ago

    write blogs on your past memory –this can surely heal you


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