News of Hyderabad SHG on May 6th

Today’s SHG meeting was a remixed version of SHG and Toastmasters club 🙂

Today we were only 3 members for meeting as rest of the people are busy in some serious domestic works, so this weekend we have excused them ;)
Members attended meeting are 1)Mr.Raja ji 2)Mr.Naman Anand & 3)Mr.Rajesh (myself)

Initially Anand and Myself gathered at Krishnakanth park at 9AM and practiced slow talking, we talked about our last week’s progress, our daily practices and discussed about future plans for SHG.
After spending few minutes there we had left to Toastmasters club near by.
It is Vision Toastmasters club at yusufguda, Hyderabad, it usually happens at St.Mary’s college.
After reaching there we both went into Toastmasters club held in a classroom, two smiling people at entrance asked our names with shake-hands 🙂 We are confident and we too greeted them with full energy, it felt like we are going to some new place Hmmm…may be Apollo 13 Space mission 😉(challenging the challenges) as we saw a very white coupound veranda which is paving for club’s room.
 We sat in first bench of the class just in front of stage. We are very excited, we had networked with many new people in the club.
After sometime Mr.Raja ji has joined us in the meeting and I felt happy seeing him.
Toastmasters have given their speeches and they were inspirational.
Everyone in club are very much smiling and interactive in nature.
we had much to listen as we are guests to the meeting. Seeing them I saw a dream right in meeting itself, may be good dreams are meant to achieve so I dream’t of giving speech like the way these Toastmasters are giving, I will give it a shot one day sooner 🙂
We tried to be interactive in quiz hour of club but i couldn’t be in real which i must regret of not being.
At the end of club’s meeting president asked any of the guests can give us a feedback coming on stage, then i realized it is last chance to talk else i shall regret once again, in fact I was dreaming this whole week of participating in Toastmasters club and how can I be silent in meeting 🙂 So i didn’t take much time to raise my hand, may be as I sat in first bench, president of club has saw me first and called me upon the stage.
I introduced myself and i went very fast in delivering my feedback, in my mind I didn’t have fear of stammering but I was fearing of running out of words as I didn’t prepare nor I didn’t have words to tell but i managed to tell something out of excitement of being part of the club’s meeting.
The best thing i liked and surprised after meeting was i didn’t get feared of stammering in fact feared out of words 🙂
Overall it is a very great experience and it increased my confidence some more which I had earlier.
After club’s meeting we 3 members had half an hour talk on club and its importance.
Mr.Raja has given suggestions for future plans on SHG meetings.He also talked to president of the club for giving PWS a special round once in 2 months where we can talk on any topic for which he responded positively.
I like to thank to Mr.Raja ji and Mr.Anand for coming to SHG meeting and also thanks for Mr.Sugandh for showing  us a way for entering into Toastmaster club 🙂
I am recharged 🙂 to full 🙂 
Thanks all 🙂 for reading about our meeting 🙂
Together We Step Up Together We Succeed 🙂
With Regards.
Rajesh V.
96 76 82 0007

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  1. Naman 8 years ago

    the experience was awesome. w can really learn a lot at the toastmaster stage.

  2. Sachin 8 years ago

    This is really good. We should go out and interact with other institutions- learn from them- and use any opportunity to check out how comfortable we are while talking in a formal atmosphere with strangers.. This is really good practice.

  3. admin 8 years ago

    i think it was awesome meet…hats-off for ur courage to speak on stage….keep it up bro…i always want that kind of opportunities…

  4. admin 8 years ago

    I think even sitting silently around a bunch of strangers every week is a great therapy and Rajesh what you did needs a lot of courage. It doesn't matter whether you stammer or don't stammer, giving feedback in front of strangers is very challenging. Hats off to all three of you.

  5. admin 8 years ago

    Kudos to Rajesh garu and Hyderabad SHG team. It is not easy to attend toastmaster meeting for PWS. You guys are source of inspiration for me 🙂

  6. admin 8 years ago

    @Sachin ji,@Anupinder,@JP,@Abhinav
    —-thanks so much, your encouragement is giving us more energy to experiment on every weekend 🙂

    With Regards.

  7. 🙂 Glad to read your experience!

    We thank you for sharing your experience with us too 🙂
    Check this out:

  8. admin 8 years ago

    That was simply great, you have shown a great courage towards stuttering field.
    Keep it up guys.

  9. ammu 8 years ago

    Excellent guys….! If you decide, none can stop you. All the best to SHG !


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