News of Hyderabad SHG happened on May 20th

Today’s SHG meeting has given new hopes and new challenges before us.
We started meeting at 9:AM and lasted till 3:30PM.
It took 6+ hours to explore great challenges of the day and conquer them with passion and smile. If you wanna change your way of looking at your speech….do read whole article !!! Please have patience as its little big one.

We were 3 people gathered at JVR Park.
Members attended meeting are 1).Mahipal 2)Sashi Kiran & 3).Rajesh (myself) (Pictures at last of posting)

We concentrated on Meditation first before our introductions.
Every time if we start with introductions some people who couldn’t talk properly in introduction round are tuned to that style and shown same behavior till end of that meeting so we thought to give intros after doing all exercises. It’s sharping your knife before you use it for cutting activities 🙂 So we sharped our confidence before we started introductions.
We usually sit near by pond.The windy atmosphere, pleasant pond, duck sounds in pond, different birds chirping in park have given a great atmosphere to our meditation.

When we deeply meditated and concentrated on only our breath and making other thoughts become void, we concentrated on rewriting our old bad memories linked with stammering into happy ones !!!
The greatest advantage of meditation is we can impress our subconscious mind easily in such a deep meditation state and what ever thoughts/suggestions you give to it will be taken as command and they form laws of your behavior in your brain’s activity in future.

Some people may question, why all these? Isn’t it funny thinking good/rewriting bad as good even bad happened? For them to get agree on this there have been some experiments done by psychologists. They asked some athletes to close their eyes in a room and meditate, asked them to hear commentary of real sport they play and when the announcement progressed as “On your toes get set go !!!” results were surprising.
Psychologists recorded athletes brains’s activity(brain waves), their heart beat, blood pressure, their nerves.To their surprise all were exactly same when they were playing real sport in grounds/stadiums.In fact their brain is simulating it and organs are doing it. So whether you do it real or not, try to think in a way and you will feel it in that way. In fact this is core concept of positive thinking, positive image (which is just negation of anticipatory fear)

Subconscious mind never knows what is happening really outside of us, it just records activities which are impressed by our thoughts or which we are thinking repeatably. It believes and feels right what we think. So we have to use this advantage and make it happy by rewriting our bad thoughts. Once you did it then you are a man of happiness with no bad experiences in your speech. This was the thought behind our deepest meditation in yesterday’s SHG meeting.

Subconscious mind helps in producing automatic thoughts of brain. Have you ever said a sudden “NO” without thinking a minute to anyone before doing any analyzing work on that situation? Yes I did, We did it because we might have experienced that same situation or saw it happening to others in past and we recorded it. So next time when you face the same situation again we never analyze it from start but we simply say “NO” as we have it in subconscious memory and this is what we call as “Automatic Thoughts”. So as an adult we still stammer because of our bad experiences which were recorded in our subconscious mind because of its repeatable nature in past.

As we have it in subconscious it happens as automatic thought  so whenever we start for talking, these automatic thoughts come even we don’t try to think at all. In this instant one case is we tend to stammer with those bad experiences and other case could be doing good than past. So even with those bad experiences if we could put our commitment to do better than past, it records in mind that we did good and we became happy. So next time when you face the situation you face it boldly without any question as the automatic thought which you had in mind is “you will do it, you already did it good”.

Based on this facts it is good to rewrite those bad experiences and get happy and that happiness will be recorded in our subconscious mind and once we filled every bad experience into a good one than we are ultimate and we feel we are King of Speeches 🙂  So when we came out of our meditation, our minds are happy and never felt bad anymore about that particular bad experience.We thought to turn every such bad past experiences into good happy ones but one at a time. not all at once, so this whole week’s assignment to our SHG members is to do that and share that experience in next SHG meeting.

After meditation activity we concentrated on “WHAT IF I STAMMER?”
As i always believe, the very language which we talk has no existence from ancient time,if we take a look at stone age or caveman  age only anger, seriousness for hunt, laugh, cry and some shouts are languages, so i never considered the english or hindi or telugu which we speak are fluent languages, its just a medium of communication. There is no benchmark for fluency. If we ask a student which class he got in his exams? He says distinction or first or second or third class based on his percentage w.r.t 100%, If its more than 75 its distinction and less than 70 it is first class. So 100% is benchmark for those classes. But where is benchmark for language? The english which we are talking today is not having any existence in first day of our existence of human race then how can one say stammering is a disfluent? So Stammering is just another way of talking.

So what if 95% of population on earth talk in a way like “SaSaSaStamerring” “HaHaHaHappy” then shall we consider the other 5% as stammerers as they are not talking like a majority of people talk?
Can i walk like some X person?Can i move my hands like some X person? I can’t as he is different and i am different. He sounds in a different way i sound in a different way. He produces sound in a different way and i do in a different way. So we can say we are people who are not doing sounds in a similar way what others do, we have our own sound which is practiced by considerable amount of people who live on same earth. We are same as others on earth.
So we are just trying to practice the other way what other people on earth sound like.So once we did it we have two kinds of speaking abilities 🙂 We talk in two ways 🙂 We can talk in “HaHaHaHappy” and “Happy” too 🙂
In fact we all already know two different ways of speaking, we sometimes say “Happy” and sometimes say “HaHaHaHappy”. The only weapon to be happy is never feel bad when others laugh / give bad feedback or comments on your style of talking. Never become unhappy if you talked in a style “HaHaHaHappy”. Think all these facts which we discussed in post and this is real not an imaginary craziness 🙂 to become satisfied for the day.These are real and we are real ordinary humans who have all happiness in the world. We shall enjoy every arc of life.
If you see i stopped writing “Stammering” word in middle of this posting and started saying it as “HaHaHappy” in place of that.

Then we started our introductions, to my surprise and happiness all are very very very Happy and confident in talking, even if we used “HaHaHappy” style of speaking in intros we never felt it was no problem. We are confident. We are as confident as Sun.
I am so happy that this SHG meeting has changed Mr.Mahipal the way he looks at his speaking.
Thanks for TISA, I am proud that our TISA meetings helped Mahipal to know and find happiness. He is happy, i never saw him before in that state.

So with this happy thoughts we went to GVK shopping mall near by our park, we talked in our own style whether we used “HaHaHaHappy” style or not, we didn’t observe nor concentrated on any style of talking initially. We communicated what we needed. We needed to do window shopping so we did 🙂 For a change we even tested some stranger peoples’s facial expressions when we  talked in a “HaHaHappy” way of style of talking, People are perfectly as same as before.If someone laughs i consider them as person who don’t know facts of existence of language and I in-turn laugh at him thinking poor boy and ignorance boy.God bless you 🙂 my dear for you shall knowing the real facts !!!

We participated in “Samusng Galaxy Note” promotional stall.I also participated in their activities of games, I played “AngryBird Space” game competition and stood 2nd of finishing 4 rounds in 2 minutes so they gave me a white shirt printing my own pic in a “Galaxy Note” like picture.My first gift when i left my feeling of stammering and stood up in feeling of joy to participate in such games so i shall preserve it for my happiness to multiply 🙂 I am Loving it 🙂
You can see the below images of this SHG Meeting Members and my Gift 🙂
(From Left to Right)—> Mahipal, Shashi Kiran and Rajesh (myself)

We went home with clear picture of what are we, better control on thoughts and what real facts are.
Self Help Group is awesome. I am recharged 🙂

Sorry for big article, as i need to tell these happy thoughts which i experienced i wrote a big one and thanks for reading it. If even one changed his attitude or idea by reading my post i am happy for his change and even happy to know his feelings.
Great Day Friends !!!
Together We Step Up Together We Succeed 🙂
With Regards.
Rajesh V.
96 76 82 0007          
rajesh.jaca”at” / wanted2talk2u”at”

REFERENCES: The activities which we performed in this SHG meeting are according to following references. I request to go through these links which may help to great extent.
1. The Secret (movie and a book)—————
2. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind————-Link to Google Books
3. Automatic Thoughts concept—————-  Link

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  1. Naman 7 years ago

    AWESOME!!! 🙂
    feels so bad i missed it 🙁

  2. Sachin 7 years ago

    Good report- good analysis- all based on Good activities!

    Yes, like sports, talking too is a mind game to a great extent.. We can learn it if we practice it enough. Yes, we need to know what to practice- and for that a lot of good self help resource is available on line for free..

  3. admin 7 years ago

    @Naman–You missed it, anyhow we will do it next week also :)so cheers 🙂

    @Sachin ji–Thank you so much.

    With Regards.

  4. admin 7 years ago

    I think you guys may have created guinness world record for the longest SHG meet! As Dr Sachin said there is a lot of great material on self help on internet. So keep reading and keep trying 🙂

  5. admin 7 years ago

    @JP–Thanks bro 🙂
    Guinness World Record 🙂 OMG

    With Regards.

  6. Unknown 7 years ago

    thanq for supporting Rajesh and shashi.I have got lot of self confidence this SHG meeting.i am cure 60% stammer better than past

  7. Unknown 7 years ago

    thanq for supporting Rajesh and shashi.I have got lot of self confidence this SHG meeting.i am cure 60% stammer better than past

  8. gulshan 7 years ago

    really good job rajesh

    you guys rock

    i was kinda low since past few days but ur post really inspired me
    keep up the good work!!!


  9. admin 7 years ago

    @Mahipal–So happy to see you with a great confidence and smile 🙂

    @Gulshan–Thanks bro 🙂

  10. Neeraj 7 years ago

    I dont believe what good stuff I missed last week. Thanks for the great fall I had in the night before. To make it worse, doc said I have a fratured my nasal bone..:( I guess I will have to wait for another week before I could join back the rejuvenating HYD SHG. Cheers Guys..!

  11. lashdinesh 7 years ago

    Its delight to read when you write with so much passion.

    Good work!

  12. admin 7 years ago

    @Neeraj—I am sorry for your nose bro. Get well soon.
    We are waiting for your presence in SHG 🙂
    Meet Harish when you go to Goa this week, you both shall rock 🙂

    @Dinesh—Thank you so much bro 🙂


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