One School every Month Challenge

When I got a chance to work with Dr Sachin and his colleagues in Herbertpur, he and his staff would regularly take me to schools and talk about stammering with teachers and children. Although initially it was very uncomfortable  because my natural instinct was to sit alone in a room and analyse my past and future :-). After being made to do it a few times, I felt more free than ever and also I could see that I CAN TALK ABOUT STAMMERING!

 Although I have almost stopped it now, its time for me to start again as the whole activity was not just helping me but also the students and teachers. Just imagine if I had someone come to my school and talk about stuttering while stuttering openly and tell everyone that its OK to stammer, life would have been much easier and less heavy. I would personally recommend this activity to everyone. (If you can be open to allow and face your fears, anxiety and pain for the first three schools, I can GUARANTEE you that this will be one of the most liberating experience of your life.) So why not start from today and go to atleast one school in the month of June or whenever the session reopens!

Lets make 2012 the year of one school every month. People who do it regularly for 3 months are up for a surprise gift from TISA. Just post about your school visits on the blog or mail them to info”at”

P.S. — If you are concerned about how to approach schools and what to talk about, send an email to us at info”at” and we will guide you and help you prepare. If you are nearby, make be we can even do some practicals too!


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  1. admin 7 years ago

    @JP–Wow Bro this is one more great step for spreading awareness on stammering.

    Teachers shall be asked to identify the students who stammer.
    And ask only their parents to come on a day meeting where we shall go and sit along with teachers and parents and discuss what shall they do to make them(students)comfortable in speech.
    Teachers shall be asked that no students shall comment nor laugh at them.
    They shall encourage students in class for reading activities. Parents shall give them a good support.

    If problem is addressed at early stages then stammering will be decreased easily in children so this initiation is one of the best activity from TISA in all sevas we do to our community.

    I may be wrong /right (so please correct me if wrong) in stating that only parents shall come to meeting without students as small children usually learn very fast, so they shouldn't think that it is a big problem in their minds and let their minds be tuned by parents-teachers who come to meeting and also some children will try to imitate more and can start stammering in middle.
    So adult students can be given permission as they are grown up so they can know what to do and what not to.
    This is the Greatest Seva,We shall see that this will be a grand success. This is going to decrease the stammering rate in children.

    All The Best for All.
    And lets join our hands to help school children.

    With Regards.

  2. admin 7 years ago

    Nice J.P sir..I really want to do this activity. but I could not step up alone 🙂 Please send me information regarding this. I wish if I would got a chance to perform this activity with you guys..

  3. admin 7 years ago

    Yes, at the start you can have separate sessions for children and parents/teachers.

    Yes, Umesh as soon as this school session starts, I will let you know about the first school and you can come with me. May be in Delhi itself 🙂

  4. admin 7 years ago

    me too want do this sir..i will ready after my exams(17th june)


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