Delhi shg report, 27 may 2012

First  I apologize to all because of too late posting this Delhi SHG report. There are some certain reason but we don’t have to discuss them here 🙂 This Sunday shg meet was attended by 9 members. Abhishek, sikander, Harshveer, Madvender singh, Umesh, Pinakin, Parbhat, Ashish and Dr. kshitiz. Madvender and Ashish are new members this time in meeting. After formal introduction by each member we discussed the perspective view of members on stammering. Everybody share their experience what bad or good in past. After this we used the reading of book and Sikander told us at what speed we have to practice while reading. We have to practice slow speed and each and every pronunciation should be clear till the end. After this Umesh describe how to use bounce in daily life and how to get start with bouncing in day to day life. To check how new member understood this, we started an story telling round in bouncing manner. Everyone performed very well in this. 

                    As all we know when Dr. kshitiz came in any of the TISA meeting, we all enjoyed their company a lot because of their humoring nature. He always speaks loud and dubbang voice to utter Haklao. Haklate kyu nhi ho..Haklane k liye aaye ho or Bina Haklaye chale jate ho 🙂 We all had a good laugh with them. After this activity we did one more excited activity, that is role playing. Everyone would have to performe a role like Madvender and Harsveer as Radio jockey and caller respectively. Abhishek and Sikander as Baba ramdev and T.V reporter. Ashish acted as anchoring on hike in petrol price. Parbhat and Pinakin acted as Anna ji and T.V reporter. Umesh as cricket commenter. Dr. Kshitiz spoke as introducing to start a new Hindi channel. We all enjoyed this a lot and everyone performed their job really well. We took feedback from new members as feedback always valuable from new comers 🙂 As at this time in Delhi there is a high sunny day with hot air, We finished our meeting some early and fly away to our destinations. We missed our old hunks Parmendra, Lalit, Jitendera..Please come in next meeting we have less fun without you. click here to watch members photos performing their roles.

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  1. admin 7 years ago

    Fantastic meeting.
    & Wonderful activities.
    Dr. Kshitij samet Id ka chand ho chuke members ko dekhkar khusi hue.

  2. admin 7 years ago

    47 cel. Temp. me meeting!

    Aisa kewal D.SHG hi kar sakti hai.

  3. sikander 7 years ago

    Thanks Umesh for posting the report. This meeting was again a chance for us to learn from each others. . It was great to meet Dr. Kshitiz after a long time. I am sure; Manvendra and Aashish must have enjoyed our company and felt comfortable to share their experiences. The media activity was amazing. Everyone did it very nicely. Manvendra Radio Jockey role was amazing and he did it like a professional. Who says, we can not be a RJ. Manvendra proved it, we can do it. Umesh's commentary was also fantastic. I am sure, he will be a good lecturer. Pinakin, Abhishek, Dr. Kshitiz, Harshvir, Aashish were also excellent. We really enjoyed there. We really missed our heroes Nitin, Anup Nagrath, Pramendra, Jitendra and others.

  4. Sachin 7 years ago

    Wow- great photographs.
    Keep meeting and keep looking for an indoor place..
    Prayers, stammered or otherwise, are always heard.

  5. admin 7 years ago

    So many people on a hot day in Delhi. You guys must be conducting meetings really well! As Dr Sachin said, an indoor place will make the meetings more convenient with facilitie of drinking water and loo etc.

  6. admin 7 years ago

    Good report. U doing great work for TISA. Congratulations…


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