Report – Bangalore SHG meeting – 27/05/2012

Today’s session began with brief
introduction not of oneself but of others, each one of us was given partners
and 3 minutes of time to know each other. I was the first one to jump into the
process and I was handed with a noise cancelling headset and an android device
with auto repeat voice connected to dual speakers. The game here was to close
our eyes and concentrate only on

the content we delivered. Most of us did well
barring a few including me who felt directionless without opening our eyes.
Each one of us proceeded with introduction of partner’s name, profession,
hobbies and things our partner has implemented in everyday life which was
taught over last two weeks in SHG meet, in this case it was “think before you
ink” & “promise”. Most kept the latter part of commitment while the former
was not followed in everyday life unless they had prepared speech in SHG.
The second session was followed by our coordinator speaking out his
thoughts on stuttering, this was an interactive session and everyone had an
opinion and answers of their own. The first question was “what is stuttering”
after lot of answers poured in we decided on cause and aftermath, with cause
being “our thinking of past failures” and aftermath being “getting
blocked on certain syllable or word”. The next question to follow was why we
stutter and was beautifully answered by our coordinator as “we stutter because
we try to outperform ourselves while speaking”. The third question to follow
was how to overcome stuttering and we answered this question with various
answers like slow speaking, talking more, applying techniques, slowing down
speech rate etcetera, again the answer was as simple as we try to set
expectation higher than reality, if we can speak at the normal rate our
stuttering is under control and when we stress ourselves not to stutter and
when try to fake our fluency the stuttering is at its worst.

The final session of our meet was prepared
speeches, once again I began the proceedings with my prepared speech about
modern dance avoiding most of the filler words, it was difficult to manage
breath rate and speech but efforts are on to rectify identifiable mistakes,
following speech was feedback from audience and this is the best part of having
audience giving feedback on what to improve in next speech, Sairam was next on
stage and he gave a wonderful speech on organ donation and also emphasized the
importance and awareness about it. Rohit has presentation in his office and he
took the opportunity to explain us about border gateway protocol, a
presentation on networking and most importantly interesting topic he covered
most of the points with minor glitches in speech, Dinesh Kadam (not our coordinator)
jotted down what he wanted to speak and beautifully laid out his questions to
us as to why we don’t stammer when we sing or whisper or when shouting at
someone with anger, for which he received an unanimous answer that during this
time our mind concentrates on the content of speech and not delivery of it.
Abhinav took to stage next to briefly explain his views, it was a short speech
but effectively given, Upasana was asked to summarize the proceedings of
previous week’s meet and she abided her time to ease the word flow out of her
mouth, she handled the stage with omnipresent mind and with relaxed attitude

The final session was mostly pre planning of next week meet, Dinesh
Kadam along with Chandrashekar need to perform a Kannada duet song, with jeetu and
abhinav giving their first prepared speech and me of course ending it with a
dance performance

Attendees: Sairam, Abhinav, Dinesh Kadam, Thanoy,
Rohit, Jeetu, Upasana, Murali, Chandan, Chandrashekar our beloved coordinator
Dinesh Singh and your narrator Pavan

P.S Write-up by Pawan.


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  1. Sachin 8 years ago

    Many Thanks to ALL of you!
    When I started in 2007-08, I never thought that the idea of self-help will catch up in such a big way one so many places..
    You are becoming a role model for the rest of the country..
    Ours is a big and diverse land and we do need many more such groups..

    "There is no power greater than unselfishness.." (Vivekanand)

  2. lashdinesh 8 years ago

    You have impressively captured the highlights of the meeting.

    Your narration is always a treat to read. Thanks and well done!

  3. lashdinesh 8 years ago

    You have impressively captured the highlights of the meeting.

    Your narration is always a treat to read. Thanks and well done!


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