I promise, I wont talk of stammering, cure and SHG in this post- nor will I ask you to get up at 4 am and recite Gayatri mantra.. No, this post was inspired by a movie from 1969- Satyakam. Just finished watching it. Supposed to be the best movie from Rishikesh Mukherji – and best performance from Dharmendra.The inspiration for the movie comes from a story in Chhandogya upanishad.
I just finished watching it. A bold movie indeed. And a beautiful message. If you are under 20, some parts might feel slow moving to you- but if you can watch first 20 minutes, chances are you will sit thru all of 2 hr 43 min..
There is a captivating story of a great idealist- going thru life, full of struggles- but refusing to make that last compromise; It is also a potent comment on the disillusionment of post independence India, which continues to haunt us one way or the other even today: Is this the kind of country, our forefathers sacrificed everything for? And who is responsible for it?
You may watch it on youtube.. Watch it and let us know, what you think..

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  1. lashdinesh 8 years ago

    I always wanted to talk about a movie called "Peaceful Warrior" but it always slipped out of my mind.

    Yes, as Sachin sir I swear that this not related anything to do with stammering.

    Its one of my all time favourite movie talks about the power of the "present moment"

  2. admin 8 years ago

    Thanks for sharing,I will watch both "Satyakam" and "Peaceful Warrior" movies.



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