Widow’s day?

Mother’s day, Father’s day, Children’s day, Teacher’s day… but widow’s day?
Yes, 23rd June is Widow’s day. In 1954, on 23rd June a woman in Punjab became a widow- her life plummeted- she became “nobody” – her children became orphans. But one of his sons, remembered her struggle to educate her children against immense odds. This child worked his way through great difficulties, migrated to UK, set up a fashion business- and forced UN and nations to observe 23rd June as Widow’s day! This is truly a great achievement for an Indian just like us. His name is Raj Loomba. This strikes a cord in me too: I lost my father in 1979- and witnessed, the struggles my mother went thru to keep the family together and safe- in a society where everyone has rights except widows and orphans..
This is so relevant to us, because we as pws, too are facing the same kind of social resistance. If Raj can remember and acknowledge publicly, sufferings of a near & dear one- cant we do the same? Do a google search, learn more about it and pay a visit to a widow in your locality, with a box of sweets, take her blessings..

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  1. admin 8 years ago

    "everyone has rights except widows and orphans."
    i feeling it since 1999.

  2. admin 8 years ago

    Nice post sir.
    You are a great person with great thinking.


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