I got a call from Arun, a PWS, desiring to meet . I requested  him to meet at our usual place i.e. sector 33 park. When I reached there at around 6.30 p.m. on 20.06.2012  it was a pleasant surprise to see that there were 8 PWS. All taking therapy course from Soni’s Public Speaking Institute at Mani Majra. As they were already midway of their course, I didn’t think it appropriate to comment on Soni’s treatment. As usual Soni has assured them complete cure with the rider provided his instructions are properly followed . There were 2 PWS who were repeating the course. They were specifically told not to disclose this fact  to others. The reason to them explained that they didn’t practise properly. It is high time, I think TISA should do something , so that innocent people are not further cheated.

I explained to the group that there is no cure for stammering, though it is manageable and shared with them the success  stories. The concept of acceptane discussed. Pschological factor behind stammering and the biological factor i.e.lack of neuro muscular co- ordination also explained. Breathing exercises and some exercises  to strengthen  and relax  speech organs explained.  Jacobson relaxation exercises also explained.
To manage stammering is a continuous effort. The importance of having a control on our speed of speech and breath discussed. The importance of  Voluntary stammering and how to  practise discussed.

The group was requested to remain in touch with TISA and view the blogs regularly. In the pic are Rohit Kumar,Aashish Gaba, Abhinau Jindal, Sukhpreet Singh, Arun Pasricha, Kunwar Singh, Deepak Kumar, Sandeep and myself.

I hope the participantas enjoyed the Meet and benefitted to some extent.
I wish to meet them again.

jasbir sandhu,
99150 06377.


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  1. Arun 8 years ago

    Although it is a tough row to hoe at first, there is nothing as therapeutic as self-confrontation"

  2. admin 8 years ago

    Nice to see action in Chandigarh. Jasbir ji, you seem to be a magician at getting together so many people. May be next time one of the participant can post about the meeting in advance so that others may also join!

  3. Sachin 8 years ago

    Jasbir ji- perfectly right. Some therapist will offer "cure" because that is what stammerer desperately wants. But we all know- that learning to manage our dis-fluency and becoming comfortable with it- is a much realistic goal.
    I hope things will change for pws as more and more awareness comes through such contacts as this one..
    Keep it up..

  4. admin 8 years ago

    Well said Dr. Sachin. What would a blind person ask from God once he meets him? My concern is innocent people are being deceived of their time and money, which should not be allowed further.

    It was a hurridly organised meet JP ji. Though I was getting call for a week but because of my very busy official schedule I could not fix it.I gave one day notice to Anup ji, Patiala, but I understand that was too short time.

    Other participants have not posted their experiences. I again request them to share their views please.

  5. sukkhi 8 years ago

    A really good experience….. learned a lot of things frm jasbir sir… especially the role of voluntary stuttering… wish to meet him every week….!! 🙂

  6. sukkhi 8 years ago

    A really good experience….. learned a lot of things frm jasbir sir… especially the role of voluntary stuttering… wish to meet him every week….!! 🙂


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