A Story from North East!

Hi my name is Dhrubajyoti Barik.I’m From Morigaon Assam,appox 70 km from guwahati.I am a member of TISA’s Facebook page.As You know I stammer when I Talk.Stammering had begining to develope when I was a
child.Since then It becoming my part of life.It feels horrible when u wont get teachers attention as a child. .Because of stammering I didnt get marks in practical exams when I was a 10+2 student.So I went to
some of the local speech therapist but It didnt help much. .then I went to Chennai for vacation in chennai and met a speech therapist, U.S. and she  taught me techniques like prolongation,Relaxation,Phonation etc. It helped a littile.At least I can go to market without any fear now.But as I grow old,there is lot of thing which cant done like develope a relationship,get a job etc. One thing I notice that I can sing fluently or talk to family
members,myself,friends fluently.But to a unknown person,sometime I just cant utter a word,It’s like a curse. .I’ll upload a video later. with regards. . .Dhrubajyoti Barik (dhrubajyotibarik at gmail.com)

P.S. Dhrubajyoti plans to start a SHG. So if you are in northeast, do contact him.
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  1. Sachin 8 years ago

    Yes, Dhrubo, it is important that we LIVE whole heartedly, before we are DEAD..
    Life is short and passing every moment..


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