plan,continue and review

i started a task to develop certain kind of habit and was getting benefit from it but due to some reasons (may be due to busy schedule,mis planning, laziness … ) i could not  continue it ,so had not got desired benefit ,then i keep on planning to start that task again but i cant because it is always hard to start new task ,first step
is hardest step,but to restart something even more harder(due to lack of motivation, bec u failed earlier) . at same time u can’t leave that because you see benefits of that task,

now a new chapter is started in ur life where you know benifit of someting but unable to do that thing , and talk lot about it,read about it but no action ….although this phase teach us many thing but for
most of us this phase is just wast of time(mean their progress is stopped )…….we do only theoretical work, with out any practical

so friends avoid this phase or come out of this if you are in this… a proper planning how you are going to complete task, make short term/long term goal,review them.
according to me we can avoid this phase only if we determind  to conitue this at any cost and at same time make a plan B like what we do if we get first break.
in short proper planning ,reviwing and cotinuity is key to sucess.

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

1 thought on “plan,continue and review


    (July 1, 2012 - 1:34 am)

    Very appropriate, Lalit. Scientist say- 99% of our thinking is REPETITIVE. This is why CHANGE is so rare and difficult. Left to its own devices, MIND will maintain status quo. I think this is why- Buddha gave such importance to "Community life" and said: Sangham sharnam gacchami.
    Again this is why they say: Human birth, blessings of a Master and DESIRE for liberation- are a RARE combination, to come by…

    So what? We can keep on trying.. cant we?

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